Friday, February 15, 2013

Baskets. Trays. Shelves. Oh My! {Organization}


I do consider myself pretty organized except for a few places in the home (a couple drawers, closets, and under beds).


I use a number of baskets, trays, apothecary jars, and shelving units to organize my collections as well as necessities. Making organization both practical and pretty is a goal of mine.


Today, I am sharing my organization ideas/tips over at Kelly’s Korner. I hope you will link on over there and take a peek at organizational ideas and tips.

Baskets hold everything from barware, my collection of stoppers & napkin weights, spreaders & cheese utensils, and linens.

10 11 12 14

Baskets in the bathroom hold it all--- towels and toilet paper.

19 20

Trays, wooden or silver, contain many collections and organize things in one place.

For kitchen goods…

photo_1 photo_2

For liquor…


For books and accessories…

7 8 9

For vignettes…

16 21 22 24

For desk needs…


Shelving holds plates and other important serveware.


Shelving also organizes all my bathroom towels and necessities to make it easy for guests in the guest bathroom to easily access goods.

18 19

Wooden wine crates also help to corral bottles of alcohol in the bar as well as more bath needs in the guest bath.

13 17

Apothecary jars hold soaps and shampoos as well as bath salts.

28 25 26 27

As you can see, I enjoy making organization practical and pretty.

Today, I have a Pharmacological Nuclear Stress Test at Ochsner. Keep me in your prayers!

Organization can be fun, y’all!


  1. Great organizational ideas, Ron! I really love those trays in the bar. Prayers that your stress test goes well today. Have a great day! <3

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  3. You ARE organized! I am organized, too. Disorder drives me crazy. I think I might have found a fix for your no reply problem....maybe.....check this out and see if it works-

    Praying for your tests today, Ron- xo Diana

  4. You have so many beautiful baskets and trays! You look very organized! Best of luck with your stress test today. I will be praying for you!

  5. Great way to corral your collections and things. I'm fairly organized but I'm working on getting my storage closet better organized. It seems to be an ongoing project.
    Wishing you well as you have your tests today.

  6. You've thought of some great ways to be both organized and stylish. I use baskets and trays/platters a good bit at my house. Good luck with your testing today.

  7. Anyone who can corral booze as charmingly as you should have no trouble passing a silly whatchamacallit stress test! ;)

  8. I hope your stress test went well. I am an organized "wantabee"!!!!!!

  9. I just had the hubs add more shelving in all our linen closets and have been purging like crazy! Now every time I walk by them I open the door and smile:) I feel good when things are organized!
    Hope all went well with your stress test today Ron, keep us posted!

  10. Wow! You are the king of classy organization. Love the baskets and...well all of it.

  11. very creative ways to stay organized!

  12. Great ways to keep organized. Love the vintage wire baskets especially the old PE ones. Where did you get those?


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