Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY … the Oyster Shell


It’s not secret to my readers and followers that I adore the organic mollusk, the oyster shell.


I have made several creations using the inexpensive and often free shells.

Today, I am sharing these creations over at Kelly’s Korner blog for Show Us Your DIY Projects. I hope you will stop over and take a look.

Let’s review…

Oyster shell wreath: click HERE

8 9 10

transformation Halloween


transformation Christmas


transformation Mardi Gras

3 photo_5

Oyster shell bottle stopper: click HERE

1 13

Oyster shell hurricane

photo_3 photo_1 photo_2

Mi-shell-angelo: click HERE

3 17 20

See! I am a little “addicted” to the oyster shell.

DYI projects, y’all!


  1. Like all your oyster projects but I especially love the oyster shell wreath and the oyster shell hurricane! Happy Mardi Gras!!

  2. Ron!!! I LOVE each of these beautiful creations!! Thank you so much for visiting and following Southern Soul Mates! :) I am your newest follower, too! Can't wait to catch up on your posts!! xoxo

  3. What fantastic looks-the wreath is my favorite with all it's many looks.
    And I firmly believe a little addiction is harmless ;-)

  4. Hey Ron, I love all your oyster creations! Last week Steve had raw oysters and I was going to ask the waitress for a bag so I could take the shells. He talked me out of it saying they would smell up the car...rats! Where do you get oyster shells?
    Best, Sherry

  5. Hey Ron; You are so talented!!! I absolutely Love all of the Oyster and Shell creations which you have made.
    Thank-You for posting the recipe for the Brisket. I have been looking for a nice and easy Brisket recipe, and I can not wait to try this one.
    I hope you and J have a nice weekend! Take Care :-)

  6. I too am an oyster lover! I have made some picture frames and have collected enough shells to ma,e a large mirror. What kind of glue do you use? I would love to send you a frame!

  7. Beautiful! The wreath is perfect in all incarnations.



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