Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mardi Gras Fresh Flowers…2013


Those who have been reading my posts and following the blog are well aware that I love fresh flowers. Due to my recent illness, I have been inundated by deliveries of beautiful floral arrangements. I appreciate each and every one.


With the many guests in and out of the home for the long Mardi Gras weekend (Wednesday-Tuesday), I called upon my favorite florists, Monique and Leslie at Mitch’s Flowers to create baskets of fresh goods in purple, green, and gold.

Each was delivered on Wednesday, and I’ll do my best to keep them looking great.


The three crown baskets were picked up at Orient Expressed on Magazine Street. The ladies at Mitch’s lined the three different sized in metallic foil and filled each with roses, irises, cushion mums, and more. Glittered sticks and coils were added to offer some Mardi Gras whimsy.

One went on the breakfast room table…

2 1 photo_1 photo_2 photo_5

One on the parlor table…

3 4

One on the secretary…

6 7 8

They turned out fabulous.

I also picked up more purple irises this week. The purple, gold, and green are perfect and majestic for the season.

9 10 11

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Fresh Flowers for Carnival, y’all!


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