Monday, March 18, 2013

What’s Up Doc? {Easter 2013}


What’s up doc? LOL! Gotcha? This is not a blog about my health. I am feeling fine. Instead, this blog is about carrots as in Easter decor.


Yesterday evening (after I recovered from Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities), the shamrocks came down and the carrots went up.

photo_4 photo_3

Show Me the Door’s Melissa Henry made these two wooden carrot creations a couple years ago. Each look wonderful and are very seasonal during this Easter season.


This year, I added two carrot topiaries in my cast iron urns. They work really well with the entire front porch vignette. These were purchased right after Christmas from Gordon’s of Metairie. I simply added some spring green burlap ribbons to the top of each topiary.


1 2

I even had time to transform the oyster shell wreath. Check out the wreath tomorrow. Anticipation…


Have you begun your Easter or Spring decor? I have and plan on showing you much more in the days to come. My purple petunias are thriving so well.

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Carrots, y’all!


  1. Love those topiaries! You never cease to amaze me with your seasonal decor. Can't wait to see the oyster wreath tomorrow and the rest of your Easter decorations! Have a great day! <3

  2. How do you do it!?! You seem to effortlessly go from one holiday to the next. :)

  3. I think you need to dye your hair orange for the season, too, so that you match your porch decorations...just sayin'...think it would be a nice touch. I LOVE those big carrots, Ron. I also like big carats, too! xo Diana

  4. Ron, those carrot topiaries are adorable! You always have the best seasonal decor. Can't wait to see what you've done with the wreath!

  5. Ron,
    Your carrots are fabulous! I have a love for carrots also, a few years ago I was obsessed with them and have a pretty good collection that I put out in the spring but none as large as yours!
    Can't wait to see more!

  6. how cute is that?!? i am loving them in the urns, and i am loving the flowers. super jealous of the fact that spring is actually in full force wherever you are. in pa...not so much.

  7. I looooove carrots. How exactly did you make the carrot topiary's. Is this something you bought already looking that way or did you DIY them?

  8. I need to order one of these soon. You find the greatest decor items, Ron.

  9. Love these carrots! I am going to try to attempt these for the front door rather than a wreath that everyone else does around here!


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