Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Flowers {Irises}


One of my favorite Springtime flowers is the iris.


During my daily walk (exercise), I stumbled upon this yard just around the corner. Aren’t the irises amazing?


These irises are white and almost look like little butterflies fluttering in the yard.


From the picket fence to the cottage home, this is a show-stopper.


I am adoring the white flowers as I am partial to flowers of this hue.

White Irises, y’all!


  1. Absolutely beautiful Ron! I can see why you stopped exercising... to take these photos ;)

  2. So pretty Ron...they do resemble butterflies!
    Your package arrived yesterday, I love it and I'm having fun trying it out in different places around the house! Loved the stationary and tissue paper too:)
    I'll definitely be doing a post on it! Thanks again:)

  3. Love white Irises!
    That home is so pretty with it's white picket fence.

    Great day to you.

  4. They do look like butterflies! Pretty.

  5. I love those irises. We bought some in Metairie when we were down there last spring. I think they are called a Butterfly Iris or Katrina African Iris. We were walking around and saw them all over the place. No one in Shreveport sells them, so they feel a little special to us!

  6. They are really very pretty and I can see why you took a break. Iris are one of my favorite flowers also. Stop by my blog about my roses and you can see some of my unusual roses.
    Have a wonderful - I enjoy your posts.


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