Friday, May 24, 2013



Appears that my followers do not necessarily love my countdowns as much as I do! I’ve had such a lack of comments this week.

5 2013

You know what I have to say? You must not teach. LOL! Teachers appreciate countdowns.


Summer cannot come soon enough. We work hard and deserve a break.


All posts can’t be about food, drinks, and decor.


Five, y’all!


  1. I do appreciate the countdown. Today my alarm went off at five for the last time! Today is my last day. ( for several weeks anyway) Cheers to summer!!

  2. I appreciate your countdowns! Been there, done that. I know exactly how you feel! Hang in there--it's almost done! xoxo

  3. I love all your posts, regardless of the topic :). Today is my last Friday!!! Finished for the year on Tuesday. Enjoy the last little bit with your students and especially enjoy your break! Much deserved.

  4. I have loved your countdowns. I am counting down and have 9 more days. Enjoy your break! We teachers work hard!


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