Sunday, June 16, 2013



Really? I cannot even believe that I am doing a blog post on anything sports related except maybe tennis or swimming.


The Tigers have made it to Omaha in the College World Series and will be playing tonight. I know that there will be many Louisianans watching the game tand pulling for our Louisiana boys. I instead will be supporting my girls of New Jersey on Bravo, RHONJ. You can have the baseball drama as I will have the Teresa-Melissa drama.

While in Florida last week, I donned a baseball cap that my cousin-in-law won. We all got the biggest laughs out of it, and of course it was a hit on facebook.


A couple comments had us laughing so much. Jenn said,“Overserved?” and Monique said, “He must be drinking. His hat is not monogrammed!” All instantly knew the hat did not belong to me. BFF Rollie even invited me to the championship games. I think NOT!

And just so you know, I was a little “overserved”. I had just finished one of the large margaritas pictured here.


Tequila can make you do just about anything. LOL!

Will you be watching the CSW? Who are you pulling for?

Geaux Tigers {& Teresa}, y’all!

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  1. Haha....too funny. My beloved Hoosiers are in the CWS for the first time ever. :) They won the other night and play again tonight. I agree though, watching baseball is like watching paint dry. Hope you are enjoying your summer!


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