Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How Southern are YOU?


Have you taken the latest quiz from Southern Living magazine, How Southern Are You?

logo quiz

It is a fun way to see just out Southern you are.

I found out that I am…

78% Southern!

28 of 36 Items

You could use just a few more cubes of sugar in that tea, but we're right proud of you!

SL logo

I thought I’d be more Southern than that. LOL! I can tell you I’ve never gone muddin’ (I don’t like to get too dirty) and I do not do NASCAR.

You can take the fun quiz here: click HERE

Let me know how Southern you are.


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Being Southern, y’all!


  1. LOL You shop at Perlis, I bet! I'm off to take the quiz....

  2. Love it... I'm right there with you on the NASCAR - closest we come is my son's love of the Disney movie, CARS! I love the question about knowing 3 people with a double name... We have 3 in our family of 5 alone! :)

  3. 56% Southern - not bad for a Michigan Girl, born and raised in Wisconsin...and only spent 1 year living in Tennessee (Rutledge and Chattanooga), right sir? ♥

  4. How fun! I'm a native southerner, so I'm going to go take that quiz now. Be back with a score soon! LOL!

  5. Well heck! It's not working for some reason. It's not processing my answers. I'll keep retrying.

  6. Hey Ron- This only goes to a FB page with 6 different themes available. I don't see the quiz anywhere- xo Diana

  7. I'm 72% Southern! I want to know what NASCAR has to do with being Southern?!!!! Have a great day! xoxo


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