Monday, July 1, 2013

Judy & JoAnna take NOLA {2013}


Since Wednesday of last week, J & I have entertained his mom Judy and half sister JoAnna. It was JoAnna’s first time in the Big Easy, so we did our best to show her some of the iconic places of the city.

Our full itinerary included…


Drinks at The Columns

columns columns2

Dinner at La Petite Grocery

photo_2 photo_1 la petite


Lunch at Audubon Clubhouse Cafe

audubon photo_3

Mardi Gras World & French Market


Dinner at home


Lunch at Commander’s Palace

commanders4 commanders commanders2 commanders3

Shopping on Magazine Street

judy at the rink

Dinner at home


A visit to Jeff’s 24th floor office

office view

A visit to the WWL-TV station

wwltv wwltv2

Lunch at Mr. B’s

mr bs mr bs2 mr bs3

Shopping on Royal Street

A movie at the Theatres at Canal Place: The Heat


Dinner at home


I think they had a great time. They left on Sunday morning (quite “stuffed” and “overserved”) with a greater appreciation of our city that we love.

Our visit with Indianans, y’all!


  1. Oh-It looks like they had a ball. Now-what day did you say I was supposed to come for MY tour?;>)

  2. Sounds lovely Ron! I still have not visited New Orleans yet but it is on my list. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  3. Gosh, what a treat for J's family!!!! I've never been to New Orleans but if I ever go, I'm hooking up with y'all. Y'all know how to do it up right! You guys are lucky to live in such a fun city.

  4. Looks like you and J rolled out the red carpet for his mom and sister! Of course, I wouldn't expect anything different from you two! :)

  5. Hi Ron, My best friend and I went to the Commander's Palace last year when we were in New Orleans and loved it! Thanks for your sweet blog!


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