Thursday, August 1, 2013

Collections {English Biscuit Barrels}


I have noticed and wished for antique English oak wooden biscuit barrels with silver plated handles for a while. I first discovered these in my favorite Atlanta shops: Boxwoods, B.D. Jeffries, & The Plantation Shop (Tennille & Co.).


I was delighted to find several at excellent prices at a local Magazine Street fave, Aux Belles Choses.



So far, I have three of these displayed on the parlor mantle.





Beginning in the early 1800's biscuit barrels were used as a part of the everyday English lifestyle and tea time ritual. A standard in almost every English home, biscuit barrels were used to store and serve biscuits (the English word for cookies and shortbread). Antique biscuit barrels can be found made from oak, silver, mahogany, glass, and crystal. Most are of the same basic design - barrel shaped with a lid and handle. Some are embellished with silver, engravable trophy shields, and feet. The removable porcelain liner makes for easy clean up.


Add these to my list of collectible items.


Biscuit barrels, y’all!


  1. Ron, this post made me smile. My introduction to these handsome biscuit barrels was on our first trip to London. We kept seeing these in antique shops and were drawn to them. Our funds were limited, so we didn't bring one home with us on that trip. Glad you found some right there in New Orleans!

  2. You collection is lovely. I love the wood, it is so rich looking. So glad you found these. Have a great weekend, Ginger

  3. Hey Ron; I too like Sarah first noticed Biscuit Barrels when I went to Europe for the first time. I instantly fell in Love with them, as I absolutely adore any types of Biscuits. Homemade or store purchased.
    (I purchased my prized Antique Barrel on that trip!)Since returning back to the states from that long ago trip, I now purchase Biscuit Barrels whenever I see one that I like, as they are a Beautiful thing to have out and about on display. Many people still do not know what they are, to this day, as their were so many different types made!!!

  4. Love, love, love them! What a nice addition to your parlor mantle. Have a great day! xoxo

  5. Hi Ron, Enjoy your blog! Your mantle is fantastic. Love the birds and all of your collections.

  6. Those are really nice! You've got a nice display of them- looks great!

  7. I have a set if you are interested in buying more Oak British Biscuit Barrels.


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