Thursday, August 8, 2013

Get Hooked …


Last year, the theme of my classroom was “Keep Calm”. This year, it is “Get Hooked” as in science, labs, experiments, and process skills.

bulletin board

I visited my classroom yesterday morning where I completed my main bulletin board depicting the theme, “Get Hooked on 5th Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science”. These are the 4 subjects that I teach daily.


The board features large hooks with real rope, a fish net, fish, and sea grass. It is bright and spirited.




Two other boards I am working on are:

Get Hooked And…” in reference to the science process skills.


Get Hooked On Labs” where I place pictures of my students performing the numerous science labs during the year.


These are in progress, so I’ll share more pictures later.

Get Hooked, y’all!


  1. Adorable! My eldest child starts TK this year. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that teacher's put into their classrooms - mostly at their own expense. Cheers to a great year!

  2. great idea--colorful and eye catching--good luck!

  3. That's really cute! You were able to tie your love for the ocean in with your love for the classroom.

  4. Bright, colorful boards, Ron. Your students are certain to be motivated to have a great year with a teacher like you.

  5. I bet your students love you. Learning should be fun and I am sure as much fun as you like to have, that you make learning fun also. I hope you have a great year!!!!!

  6. This so you, Ron--bringing in that "beach theme" into your classroom! :) Your students will love it. They are lucky to have you! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  7. I LOVE your bulletin boards .. so creative and inspiring! Makes me wish I was one of your students :) I can tell you love what you do!


  8. So jealous that you have BULLETIN BOARDS! Josh is going to have a great year!

  9. I have no doubt you're a terrific teacher! It shows you take great pride in your class.


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