Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cheers to a great Saturday night!


Last night, J & I visited two of our NOLA places and one place that will definitely become new fave.

peche sign

The night started with a call to N’Awlins Cab Company. Nawlins Cab is New Orleans' first PREMIUM taxicab service. They opened to the public with 2013 Siennas and Prius Vs equipped with cameras for safety and include credit card terminals for convenience. I cannot tell you how professional and smooth the whole process was. Booking a cab is as easy as getting on your computer and scheduling a time for pick up. A quick confirmation email as well as a phone call ensures that the cab will be at our home on time. How many times have we scheduled a cab from other companies to be left waiting for minutes or no shows???


We even downloaded the N’Awlins Cab app for the iPhone. The app is so cool and shows the tracking of your cab on route to your home or destination. Genius!

nawlins cab app

Our first destination: Swizzle Stick at Loew’s Hotel. Stylish and chic, this bar has become one of our favorites, and its great for people watching.

swizzle stix cocktails

Our next stop (by foot): Peche. Peche is a new fave restaurant {more on Peche later}.

peche cocktails

Our final destination: Windsor Court’s Polo Lounge. J & I love listening to jazz, and the jazz in the Polo Lounge never disappoints.

polo lounge cocktails polo club

Finally, we hailed a cab from the Windsor Court lobby (not N’Awlins) and returned home safely. Drinks of choice tonight… McClellands & ginger ale.

Cheers to Saturday night, y’all!


  1. Looks like a great night! Going to have to put Peche on my list of restaurants to try. I also love the Polo Lounge at the Windsor Court--my favorite hotel in all of NOLA. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Sounds like a wonderful night, Ron. There are hardly any cabs in our area. Weird,huh? xo Diana

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening! I love Jazz and my favorite alcohol drink is a whiskey & ginger ale! You'd laugh at our cab company. There are a few cab vehicles in our town (literally) and they are always used cars that don't match. I have never used one but I doubt they have a sophisticated set up like your new favorite!

  4. I took a cab in New Orleans a few years ago with my (then) two toddlers and feared for my life! Such a small town girl!! So glad to know about N'Awlins Cab Co. - although now, one of those toddlers is 6'2", so he makes me feel much safer!


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