Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pottery Barn {Halloween}


Do you get as excited as I do to receive a Pottery Barn catalog? Lately, I am in lust over their seasonal Halloween offerings.

spider drink dispenser stand

J & I are planning a Halloween Supper Club for October, so I’ll have to order some of these spooktacular Halloween entertaining accessories.

mercury glass skull

I’ll let you know later the pieces that made it to Perrier Street.

beetle snack bowl bone footed platter bone spreader chain link candle holder drippy wax tapers faux crows pumpkins mercury glass serving set  skeleton hand taper candelbra

I love Halloween decorating and entertaining, so many of these pieces will fit right in my Halloween home.

spanish moss garland vase filler

And wouldn’t these be fun for some Parlor Patter?

skeleton hand martini glass

Pottery Barn for Halloween, y’all!


  1. I love it all too! You can get so many of those things at michaels though and I'm just not willing to drop the cash they want for halloween decor. Maybe after holiday sales!

  2. Bet you didn't know that my birthday is on Halloween did ya? I love Halloween! Those accessories look fun for a party. I'm sure you'll have everything so well put together, scary music and all.

  3. Yes I do enjoy seeing their catalogs. I don't have a store in my area so I have to order. Their Halloween stuff is always fun to see. They do have some creative ideas. I like those chain link candle holders and the spider leg water dispenser!

  4. Can't wait to see what makes it to your home. Love the beverage container with the eyeball ice cubes and the martini glasses! Have a great day! xoxo

  5. Ron, I love getting their catalogs in the mail. We are about to start renovating my childhood home in North Louisiana; and my daughters are going to move in, since they are there attending college. They have already requested a "Pottery Barn look"...lol!

  6. I adore PB (and jelly, of course)!!!

  7. Oh wow! I am a witch birthday girl, so I'm loving all these great ideas and inspiaration from PB! Can't wait to see what you créate at your lovely home for Halloween!

  8. Hey Ron; Pottery Barn is the Best!!! I Love, Love the Antique looking Silver Mercury Glass Pumpkins!!!!

  9. Ron, Pottery Barn does have some cool stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing your decorations. Happy Fall!

  10. I loooove Pottery Barn and when I see a catalog in my mail box my eyes glaze over and I get in a "I need everything coma" lol I can't wait to see your halloween decor this year !! I love those mercury pumpkins :)


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