Monday, October 28, 2013

SPOOKtacular Halloween Bar 2013{The Bar is Open}


In the kitchen, the bar area is set an ready for our Halloween Open House.


The skull & crossbones decanter and glassware is ready to be filled with spooktacular libations. The skeleton hand martini glasses are ready to be raised in celebration. Small stag beetle dishes hold olives and other necessities on the bar.





The bar is stocked with Crystal Head vodka {Not my most favorite vodka, but I adore the crystal skull on the bar for the Halloween season}, black & oranges straws for sipping, and cocktail napkins {Drink Up Witches}. Geaux cups printed with “Boo y’all” allow guests to take home a treat.





I also love to use my seasonal tea towel for clean-up which reads I’m here for “Boos”.


I think I have finally found a Halloween-inspired punch for my Halloween Open House. I cannot wait to put the punch in the glass decanter on the bar raised by the spider leg stand. I purchased the stand from Pottery Barn at the beginning of the season in hopes of using it for many years to come.



The punch I am thinking of using is called Black Punch.

punch with frozen hand

The recipe is as follows:

  • 1 (.13 ounce) envelope unsweetened grape soft drink mix

  • 1 (.13 ounce) envelope unsweetened orange soft drink mix

  • 2 cups white sugar

  • 3 quarts cold water

  • 1 liter ginger ale

  • vodka or gin (I will be using vodka.)


  1. To make a frozen hand, wash a disposable glove, fill with water, seal with a rubber band and freeze until hard.
  2. Stir together grape soft drink mix, orange soft drink mix, sugar and water until solids are dissolved. Combine with chilled ginger ale just before serving. Dip the frozen hand briefly in warm water, then peel off the glove. Float the prepared hand in the punch bowl for a ghastly effect.

I will share a picture with you after our soiree.

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SPOOKtacular Bar, y’all!


  1. I love your skull handed martini glasses! If you do not mind, I would like a review of the PB decanter and stand. Is it really tall enough to fit a glass underneath?

  2. OMGOODNESS I love it all .. Love all the cute decorations the drinks and how they are garnished. LOVE It . I will have to use some of those ideas .. TOO CUTE .. and love the clear skull thing and the glasses OMGOODNESS perfect.

  3. I am greatly tempted to crash the party! What fun it will be!

  4. You never cease to amaze me! Love the floating eyeball and hand!! Was showing hubby some of your Halloween pictures...he said, "I be they throw one hell of a party!" LOL

  5. Love all of it! So many special touches ~ the napkins & straws, all the glassware, the decor ~ just awesome!

    Have at least one drink for me!


  6. the eyeballs are such a nice touch!

  7. Love it all, Ron! I am loving the riverboat napkins under the spider leg stand. It's that Southern thing. I pinned the Horny Devils recipe and it's a huge hit. Looking forward to reading all the details from your spooktacular open house soiree.

  8. Sounds and looks like a really fun party..Cute napkins..

  9. Sounds like you are going to have a great Halloween party. Everything looks so Halloweenish.......spooktacular. Have fun fun fun !!!!!

  10. Love the eyeball martini! Pinned your Boo Y'all Geaux Cups to my Autumn in the South Pinterest board! And finally, I'm getting around to adding you to my sidebar. I try to keep a tight collection of great (mostly) Southern and Gulf Coast blogs I know my readers will love - and hey, you are overdue!

  11. Love everything, especially the martini glasses! I'm sure your soiree with be a spooktacular success. You sure know how to throw a party--you have covered every detail. Enjoy! Have a great day! xoxo

  12. Wow Ron- you're a great host! That punch will be so cool :-)
    I was wondering how the hand was made. Those eyeballs are too fun!


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