Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blog Beginnings.


Do you have any idea what is in this small memo notebook?


I was cleaning an old school bag just last week, and I stumbled upon this notebook hidden in one of its rear pockets. When I started Uptown Acorn almost two years ago, I used to write down all blog posts prior to typing them. I cannot believe I did this.

I guess I did not fully understand that I could save my posts and return to each at a later date. I teach science, not technology. LOL!

I do remember that my very first post, my introduction, was written in “real” time and posted after much encouragement from my BFF Dixie Delights.


The second post, Broussard’s is on point. Take a look. I am laughing at the way I inserted a box to represent where a photo would be linked.


It goes on and on for about one month.


The last page even includes ideas for future blogs. Take a look at my list.


Antlers. check.

Alison Evans. check.

Mardi Gras tour. check.

Mardi Gras wooden figures. check.

Mardi Gras dishes. check.

Purple, green, gold. check.

King cakes. check.

Thank you notes. check.

Grand Isle. check.

Savannah. check.

Amelia Island. check.

By the way, I have covered and posted most of these, but I do guess that I need to work on a few of these.

I love reading these. What a great trip through “memory lane”!

Blog notebook, y’all!


  1. You always had the most beautiful handwriting! I'll never for get it. I would have done the same thing--hand-write the blog and then type it! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. I actually started out like this too! Just jotting things down and not actually documenting on laptop/Ipad.

    Have a great day!

  3. I love that you found that unexpected gift tucked away in a bag. I Love the time and effort of writing all of your posts down. Not to mention your handwriting is beautiful .

  4. Yep, I did a lot of writing for ideas when I started too, lol! I still do a Little; and you were so organized. My handwiritng is similar to yours, people like it a lot. I will be three years blogging now and it's been great visiting and knowing great bloggers like you my friend. Keep it up!

  5. How funny!!! I remember making a lot more notes about things when I first started blogging too. Now, I just think up something and take pics and write it as I go. Much easier now.

  6. Well, Ron, you were just serious about making your blog something worthwhile! After all, once you hit "publish," it is out there forever!:-)

  7. How fun, Ron. I used to do the same thing. I wrote my post into my Word program first. lol-complete with [image] space. We are a pair! xo Diana

  8. WOW..What a lot of planning..I just wing it..probably looks it !!

  9. How fun, Ron! I remember writing things down, as well! It was my way of keeping up with the ideas that I wanted to post about. Now, like most people, I just type it up, take pics, and post! Lol! It's so much easier now.

  10. Too funny Ron...when I first started blogging I used to write notes too before I actually sat at the computer to type. We've come a long way LOL!!

  11. Ron, I have never written down my post but at first I would go back and make changes a dozen times. I hope you and J have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  12. Some elementary teacher must be so proud of your beautiful penmanship!!

  13. That's great! I love technology but I love holding a book, letter or magazine. I am not a fan of eBooks...I need to hold it. It will be a sad day when there are no more hardback book or newspapers.

    I agree with everyone -your handwriting if beautiful!

  14. Love it!!! And I've always admired your handwriting!! Back to decking the halls...

  15. Yes, you do have beautiful handwriting! I love to see how you started out. I think I have been reading your blog from just about the beginning! It's funny that you said you wrote it in real time because I still write most of my blog posts that way! Sometimes I do start something ahead of time and I do take pictures ahead of time but I pretty much polish it up and then hit publish!
    Cheers! - Shelley


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