Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Found Some… {Gift tags}


I love when you literally stumble upon something that you are looking for without really looking for it. You get what I mean. Right?


During a recent stroll down Magazine Street pass Jackson Avenue, I visited AKA Stella Gray. Remember? I purchased the tortoise shells from there just a couple weeks ago.


Well lo and behold to my amazement, I spotted these in the corner of my eye, round gift tags. They are the perfect compliment to my new two-inch monogrammed stamp.



Though each tag comes with string, it will  be perfect to change the ribbon for each season. I quickly picked up a dozen and will definitely be going back for more and more.


I just love when the universe goes my way. I am having so much fun using my new custom monogram.

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Round tags, y’all!


  1. How perfect are those gift tags!?! I am sure they will come in handy during the Christmas Season!

  2. Love it! The stamp is pretty awesome, too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. These gift tags are just perfect. I love them. I love them ROUND too. YOUR place is just beautiful and I am sure enjoying your blog. … hugs and have a blessed new week .

  4. You are a good shopper! I tend to shop only when I really need something, and that's really not the best way. This was such a good find for you!

  5. Perfection! Love how the monogram turned out!!

  6. OMG.Ron- Only YOU would find that size gift tag to MATCH the size of your new monogram! Unbelievable and totally wonderful! xo Diana

  7. Those gift tags are the shitz! That is so you, Ron. Love how they are the perfect size for your monogram. I'm with Nancy--I would so love to shop with you! xoxo

  8. It was meant to be! You could even sponge some color on them before you add the monogram for a holiday look too. Your monogram looks wonderful!

  9. Being a stamper, I could probably make them..Don't know about the grommets though..Love your monogram..

  10. PS...You just gave me an idea..I usually make gift tags from old Christmas cards..using scissors with decorative edges...I think this year, I'll cut circles out of them..punch a hole, add string and voila...

  11. Ron, How perfect! I love your monogram stamp and I appreciate you sharing this at the Open House party.


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