Friday, November 22, 2013

Get Down!


I had to laugh when I saw this on someone’s facebook page.


You see, there is a quite funny story that J & I have in reference to “get down” (and it is certainly not what you think). Get your minds out of the gutter.

When J & I started “courting” dating, he would fly here to NOLA, and I would fly to see him in Atlanta. We dated long distance for close to 3 years. Back when you could meet someone at his/her gate before 9-11, I would always wait for J at his designated gate.

The first time I picked him up at the airport, I asked J if he wanted me to “get down”. The phone went blank. I am not sure if he was really really happy or simply shocked at my potty mouth. In Cajun, “get down” means… do you want me to park the car, get out of the car, walk, and meet you at your airport gate? He got the biggest chuckle when I told him the meaning of our “get down”.

After that first time, he always expected me to “get down” at the airport.

15 years later, I guess it worked. LOL!

Got down, y’all!


  1. I saw this, too, yesterday, and I had to chuckle with the story behind it! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. I never knew that's what that meant! I thought it meant what it means in that song....Get down tonight......or something. Ha Ha!!!!! I would've raised my eyebrows if you said that to me too! I would've said, "pardon me?" Too funny.

  3. hahhhaa....well, seems out here in West Texas, "get down" means WAY TO GO, funny.
    Now, on the serious side....(whatever THAT might be...:)
    I am wondering about putting a beautiful mural on that stairwell wall I posted about.
    I already have a photo wall in my dining room....(it's very informal) and altho I love quilts, I use them in my bedroom, stacked pretty and on my vintage cedar chest.
    You are sooo good at decorating, I just want your input on the mural. Would it look good.....or tacky....? Now, I surely don't want to be tacky....not ALL Texans are redneck. :))
    Thanks, Ron

  4. Now I have that song by KC and the Sunshine Band stuck in my head!



  5. Our language is full of idioms. It's good to hear the background of this one where YOU are.:-)

  6. I immediately knew where this was going! Our Cajun friends have been getting down for years! I distinctly remember the first time one of my high school friends asked a car full of friends circa 1978 if we wanted to get down at the store. As our lives existed somewhere between Donna Summer and Saturday Night Fever, getting down at the store was not out of the realm of disco possibility. Love the language and the memory. Thanks, Ron!

  7. LOL-OMG- I love it. In PA Dutch Country they will say- What for a job is it? So-say you are taking your car in to have it fixed- You ask- What for a job is it? That means- What does it need, how long is it gonna take and what's it going to cost to get it fixed- Easy, huh- xo Diana

  8. What a great story .. love it!


  9. Great story...I will say no more..but I'm thinkin' it...

  10. So cute, we'll I never heard of that saying either!

  11. So cute, we'll I never heard of that saying either!

  12. Loved the post! But I have to give you some background info. I too have used the expression and gotten lots of flack about it. But then my husband and I moved to France and along with many "aha moments", the "get down" was one of them. The French word descendre is used the way we cajuns use it. And the literal translation of the word descendre is "get down" or "go down". I now understand. And I also tell that story each time I am kidded about saying it.

  13. I love that story. When I moved to Texas, I was so perplexed when my coworkers would go to lunch and ask if I wanted to drive through or get down....huh? There are some phrases that will stay with me til I die! Thanks for the chuckle


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