Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lovin’ my Custom Monogram


It is no secret that I love a monogram. I am Southern through and through after all.


I am having a blast with the custom monogram file of J and I’s monogram, J & R. Thanks to my Savannah friends for their patience in the design. It turned out perfectly.


My first purchase was the custom monogram pillow skillfully executed by Number Four Eleven of Savannah. Ordering through email and a few phone calls was super easy.




This is the custom monogrammed pillow I received late last week.

I also ordered cocktail napkins to use for the holiday season. Green dots with a red monogram matches my Christmas decor.




With the number of guests and visitors we have throughout the year, I also ordered custom styrofoam “to geaux” cups. These are used a lot.




As a Southerner, I love a thank you note on monogrammed stationery, so I did not hesitate to order custom flat note cards and lined envelopes.



The note cards will go perfectly with my self-inking stamp.



The cocktail napkins, cups, and note cards were all ordered online through The Stationery Studio. The prices were good though initial set-up fees were high. The whole process was efficient.

I am just thinking of all the things I can get monogrammed. What next? Just wait and see.

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Monogram Mania, y’all!


  1. Okay Ron - seriously - I have not purchased one single Christmas gift yet and I think I should start with a monogrammed gift for myself, don't you? Your pillow is beautiful, I love how the R & J are intertwined and that you used on it on your napkins and "to geaux" cups! I will definitely check out this shop you used - thanks for sharing.

  2. I was admiring the pillow in yesterday's blog--I love the linen fabric--so very Southern. Those napkins are so cute, and the "geaux cups" are a great idea. I guess there is not much that one cannot get monogrammed. I'm just waiting to see what you come up with next. Maybe, you and J can get matching tatoos with that monogram! ;) Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Ron, your pillow is beautiful! I love monogramming too! I also am checking out a site named Marley Lilly. They also have some cool things. Recently I saw a cutting board with palm tree that you can have monogrammed too!

  4. Really nice monogram, Ron, and you've adorned some lovely things with it!

  5. I love monogrammed things! I really love that self inking stamp too. I think it makes all of your correspondence more personal that way. Especially at Christmas time, it will come in handy with your Christmas cards.

  6. I love your custom monogram. I had one done too and would love to share some of my uses. I call it the gift that keeps on giving :) The joke at my house is if my hubby sits still too long I will have it tattooed on this %^&!

    1. Please do share, Southern Sister. There will be NO tatoos at my house ever!

    2. Let me know an email address and I'll send to ya. BTW...I am down the road in BR :)

    3. I would prefer to email so not sure how to best do that ? BTW- I am down the road in BR :)

  7. I love the custom monogram! I had a similar one done and would love to share some pics of my favorite things. I call it the gift that keeps on giving!!

    Joke around my house is if my hubby sits still too long I will tattoo his #$%!!

  8. LOVE all of these! I think it's a requirement to have monograms don't you? :) This one looks very distinguished for you two.

    Thanks for sharing the sources too!


  9. You are on a monogram high! Those napkins are the cutest and who has monogrammed styrofoam cups! Ron does! Love the return address stamp. I get them made for us but not quite as customized.

  10. where did you have the monogram created?


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