Sunday, January 12, 2014

12-6…Bless you!


Though the outcome was not the same as just a few seasons ago, our beloved Saints played hard this year to finish a 12-6 season.

fleur de lis

From what was a disastrous season last year to a 12-6 record and play-off spot this season, our Saints have shown how to persevere. They can only grow from here.


Even though I am not the biggest of sports fans (well? not even a little one), there is something about the Saints winning that sets this City of ours on fire. The mood is electric. Even when they lose, there is always love for the boys in black and gold.

bless you boys

Good job, boys! We are all looking forward to next season.

Bless you boys, y’all!


  1. Amen to that! My hubby is from MI, and anytime a Detroit team wins he is his words, "they need something to be happy about!"
    While our Baylor Bears had a fantastic season, the bowl title was not theirs this year.

  2. You are right, Ron. The presence of the Saints in NOLA is electrifying--win or lose. They brought hope back to the city after Katrina when they played their opening game in the dome and crushed the Falcons and eventually won the Super Bowl. They weathered the "bounty scandal" last year and made it to the playoffs this year. Yesterday's loss will only make them stronger next year. Whether you are a sports' fan or not, you know what this team means to the heart of the our beloved city. Bless you, boys! xoxo

  3. LOL- Ron- You are not a sports fan? You ought to live in Green Bay during Packer season...they would eat you up! lol I just go along for the tailgating! xo Diana


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