Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finally… A Rug!


No, no, silly! Not a rug for my head! It is a rug is for the floor, the dining room floor.

J & I have been searching for one for years as our sisal one that traveled with us from Atlanta met its fate during the first Mardi Gras that we were in the house. King cake and sisal do not agree. Crumbs become embedded, and it is hard to get out. I would never recommend a sisal or natural fiber under a dining room table.


J & I were running errands on Saturday and came a cross a store closing sign on Magazine Street. It appeared that they were selling mainly rugs. We shyly entered the store and to our amazement after a brief once over, we spotted a rug with the subdued colors we have been searching for. It has just the right tones of green, brown, and beige. Searching might be a strong word as we really had just given up, and we decided to use the rug we had. But, it always happens this way. You find what you want when you are not really looking for it. I like the way that works.



The rug which appeared 8’ x 10’ was hanging on the wall with a price of $1100. The price was not bad for such a fine rug, but I approached the worker for the sale price. I was shocked when he said $299. I wish you could have seen my eyes at that moment. $299!!!!! I ran to Jeff. Now, that is a deal for this type of rug. We did not want to scoop it up then and there because we both wanted to be certain of the size. Would it fit well in the dining room? We high tailed it home, measured the size needed, and ran back to the shop. The size is perfect.

With out much hesitation, we purchased the rug. It is perfect with the colors of our dining room. I especially love how the colors look washed. It has an aged appearance.


Here is the “before” rug (kinda small for the space):


And the “after” rug:


Here is the rug we brought to the house from our Atlanta home:


By the way, we found out when we checked out that the store’s last day was yesterday. Too bad because there were some great rugs at awesome prices. I guess they were “giving” them away. I wonder what will happen to the rest of the inventory.

Dining Room rug, y’all!


  1. Oh my goodness what a fabulous deal or should I say steal! That size does look much better under the dining table. Love the pattern and it does go with everything perfectly. I picked up my rug at a store that was closing but my deal was nowhere near that price!

  2. From past experience, I completely agree about not using sisal under a dining room table!

  3. The rug is perfect--looks like it was custom made for the dining room and the decor. What a steal at $299! I know you and J will enjoy your new rug. Have a great day! xoxo

  4. It's perfect for that space Ron...love the soft colors! I love when things happen unexpectedly!

  5. That is a beautiful rug! I love the faded look to it as well! What a great deal! The larger size looks good in here!

  6. Gorgeous rug and a fabulous price!! I just found your blog and I am your newest follower. I adore New Orleans - so I will be getting my fix here. Hahah.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  7. Beautiful rug ~ beautiful price! Looks perfect in the room ~


  8. My, my! Weren't you lucky to find such a wonderful rug at such a bargain! Looks just perfect for your home!

  9. Ron, I love that rug. I like the subdues color scheme. You have a great blog. It is one of my favorites. I will spend lots of time here.

  10. Really pretty and a great match to your room!

  11. Great looking rug and a great looking match to your room!

  12. WHOA...that is a mighty fine looking rug for under $300.
    and it looks smashing in your pretty dining room....

  13. The rug is perfect. That's exactly the type of rug I'm looking for...for my dining room, too! Great find!

  14. Beautiful - love the aged appearance!


  15. Thanks for the nice comments, y'all! I really like the rug too.

  16. Ron, That rug is perfect. I wish I had been there. I need a rug for my living room. I too, love the aged look but the colors are still clear. It looks fabulous in your room.

  17. Wow what a fabulous deal! Enjoy:)

  18. What a great rug and great price! It's funny how when you are not looking you find the thing your heart desires!:) love your style!!!


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