Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grammy Whammy


Are you watching the Grammy Awards tonight? J & I usually watch the opening number and then switch the channel. I do not know if it is just getting older, but I never really know a lot of the songs/albums/artists even nominated.


I listen to satellite radio and Pandora, so I am not really used to what America is listening to.

Here are some of the nominees. Who do you pick?


1. Record Of The Year

  • Get Lucky

Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers
  • Radioactive

Imagine Dragons
  • Royals

  • Locked Out Of Heaven

Bruno Mars
  • Blurred Lines

Robin Thicke Featuring T.I. & Pharrell
My vote: Royals by Lorde


2. Album Of The Year

  • The Blessed Unrest

  • Random Access Memories
  • Good Kid, M.A.A.D City
  • The Heist
  • Red
My pick: The Heist, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

the heist

3. Song Of The Year
  • Just Give Me A Reason

  • Locked Out Of Heaven

  • Roar
  • Royals
  • Same Love

I am going with: Just Give Me a Reason {I love PINK}


4. Best New Artist

My pick: Macklemore & Lewis

mclemore and lewis

There are many more categories. You can click HERE for access to this year’s ballot.

Now, back to my Housewives…..

Grammy’s y’all!



  1. I am with you. If I hear the song, I can probably say I've heard it. But, otherwise...don't really pay attention. I will proudly say I am old and the ripe at of 45! LOL

  2. I don't think I know who ANY of those folks are!

  3. Yeah, we're a little like that too. I don't always recognize the artists or the songs. Some of the music we like and some we don't. Not sure if we'll watch it or not. Even if we miss it, all the talk shows will be talking about it so I won't really miss out!

  4. I love to watch Pink perform... Hope she wins!

  5. I am so out of it, Ron. I know the music when I hear it but don't recognize the artist's names. Crazy. I watched Downton Abbey tonight because I am HOOKED on it! xo Diana

  6. I didn't watch it. I'm out of sink with the new music. I listen to XM radio and a local college radio the most so I don't keep up with the newer stuff. I was watching Downton Abbey!

  7. Didn't watch the Grammys, either. I listen to country music mostly, so I'm out of touch with what songs/bands are out there. Besides, Fox News is normally on the television in the den anyway. ;)

  8. Hi Ron! Usually watch a bit of the Grammy's and turn it off, but last night - at least for my hubby and I - holy cats! It was an absolutely fabulous show. Watched the entire thing! We will never be royals, but we did enjoy this year's show lol! Jane

  9. I record Downton Abbey ~ best TV series ever! I watched the Grammy's off & on and felt it was predominantly a horrible show. I don't know many of the songs or artists and some of them, like Beyonce & Jay Z were disgusting. They, along with others, were so rude when the C&W guys were singing. I know they don't like that type of music but it was Willie, Merle, Kris and Blake Shelton. 3 true icons!

    Pink was amazing! I think Chicago was great...without Robin Thicke. Ringo & Paul were wonderful too. I didn't watch the last part of the show but heard that some of the rock performers dissed CBS with the F word at the end. :(

    I am older but I don't feel it mentally...perhaps I might be after all. Lol Seriously, the rude behavior of many and the language was not my cup of tea.


  10. I forgot! When Lorde performed, she did this twitching thing weird and distracting. Not sure what that was about...



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