Thursday, January 2, 2014

Toasting a New Year!


J & I love to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a local New Orleans institution, Commander’s Palace.

jeff and ron


We headed to the bar for a couple cocktails before our 9:30 PM seating. What I love most about Commander’s Palace is the attention to detail. We even chatted with the uber-nice Lally Brennan, an owner of the restaurant.


A hostess grabbed us from the bar, and we were whisked to our favorite room, the Garden Room which overlooks the patio with views in the massive oaks.



The room is full of energy and the tables were spirited. Complimentary hats, horns, and poppers decorated the table. The green ribbon signifies that we are locals.



I love the artwork on this year’s menu. You know that the menu will be framed and added to the breakfast room wall soon.

menu art


A jazz trio went from table to table playing requests. J requested “All of Me”.


We were so happy to be seated next to a table of friends one of which graduated from high school with me. Today, she is a successful dermatologist in Houston, TX.

JJ and Ron

JJ and Roland


After dinner, we headed downstairs to the dance floor where we rang in the new year with champagne.

Commander’s knows how to throw a legendary soiree.

Reservations for next New Year’s Eve will be made soon.

How did you spend your NYE?

Cheers from J & I.



Commander’s Palace for NYE, y’all!


  1. Happy New year--much health and happiness!

  2. Looks like you and J rang in the New Year in style! Is that JJ in the picture with you? She looks wonderful. Happy New Year to you and J! Cheers! xoxo

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to celebrate NYE. Will put that restaurant on my list when we visit NO.

  4. I love Commander's and we were just in that neighborhood the day before you, but it wasn't time to eat. Darn. We also have a framed menu from there, but the New Year's edition is awesome!
    Happy New Year to you!

  5. This looks like great fun! Happy New Year! We watched the Duke/Texas A&M football game on TV!:-)

  6. Fond memories of dining at CP many years ago. Looks like a great time. Happy New Year to you and J.

  7. Great pictures of you! We spent New Year's Eve next door at the neighbor's house with the kids playing on the basement and the adults wining and dining upstairs...low key but nice! Cheers to 2014!

  8. Wonderful celebration for the new year...wishing you guys a very happy 2014!

  9. What a wonderful place to celebrate, Ron. You two look VERY dapper all dressed up for the occasion. Love it! Ummm...I ate Chinese and got SICK as a dog on New Year's Eve...NOT good....and it was NOT from any cocktails I consumed either- lol xo Diana

  10. I spent new year's eve on a roof top deck on the 37 floor over looking Victoria's harbor in hong kong watching the count down and fireworks. Not my usual fare, but we were visiting our son for Christmas. My brother and sister in law spent their holiday in NOLA. They had a lot of fun.

  11. I adore Commander's Palace! It looks like you had a wonderful New Year's Eve. P.S. Love the bow tie

  12. Hi Ron, I've been to Commander's Palace too and loved it! Happy New Year!

  13. Fun times! Commander's Palace is a great place to be for any occasion.

    Happy New Year!

  14. I am not one to comment much on blogs although I love reading them, but sometimes I just need to let bloggers know how much I enjoy their blogs. Yours is one of them! You seem to love life and make everyday a party. Why not-life is too short! Loved the NYE post. Isn't it nice to dress up for special occasions. You certainly looked dapper! Happy and healthy New Year to you!

    Pat in Chicago

  15. In the words of Michael, Commander's Palace is AMAAAAZING! LOL.


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