Friday, January 3, 2014

Feelin’ Dapper!


As a Southern gentleman, I have always admired Southern men who sport bow ties. Personally, I have never worn one except for possibly when I was a dapper kid {age 5}.

jeff and ron

My grandfather Carrier used to don one, and I admired the look.



This past New Year Eve’s I decided to finally get into the true Southern spirit and purchase a bow tie and pocket square for my New Year’s ensemble.

Since, we were dining at Commander’s Palace, I ran to my Magazine Street fave, NOLA Couture for some New Orleans flair.

I chose a red bow tie with a blue fleur de lis pattern.




The seafood-pattered pocket square coordinated perfectly with the bow tie, and it was perfect for a Southern staple like Commander’s.





When I like something, I always feel the need for more; therefore, NOLA Couture will be getting much more business in the future.

By the way, I have no idea how to tie one. The NOLA Couture salesperson tied it for me, and it will remain tied forever (I hope). I really liked how the outfit looked.

Here’s how the ensemble looked.




What do you think? Do you like a man in a bow tie?

Feelin’Dapper, y’all!


  1. Looks wonderful and so handsome. Definitely like a true Southern gentleman. Marty

  2. My husband bought one for an event. He thought it was already tied. Nope, it came apart before we left our room. I had to google a bow tie instructions. He held my phone while I tied. Took three tries, but I am a pro now.

  3. Now, that is really dapper, Ron! So very Southern. I'm sure you were the most Southern looking man at Commander's for NYE. I think you should definitely buy some more bow ties. Have a good day! xoxo

  4. Looks smashing! Especially love the pocket square graphics.

  5. You look marvelous! Check out the bowties at Southern Proper too.

  6. You certainly made a good choice! I've always thought a bow tie gave quite a dashing appearance!

  7. Very handsome Ron! I love the look of bow ties but my husband (or son for that matter) would never go for it....guess you can't win them all!

    Hope you and J had a very Happy New Year. We cancelled our trip since I came down with the flu but are planning something in February.


  8. Love the tie! One thing I miss about the South for sure! Not sure anyone in AZ knows about bow ties!

  9. Yes, quite dapper! I really wish that men & women would dress up more often...miss those days.


  10. Southern Tide AND Southern Proper have the best bow ties! My men where ONLY those!!! Looks great on you though!!!!!

  11. I think you look great with your new ensemble! I don't blame you for leaving it tied. It looks like it could be complicated to tie yourself. I think your grandfather would've been proud!

  12. Smashing, Ron! Love a bow tie!

  13. Yep......quite dapper!!!

  14. You definitely look dapper. Love it! You definitely ARE a Southern Gentlemen now ;)

  15. LOVE it! You look very handsome! I am a bow tie fan. My husband had quite a few when we met and I have added to his collection. I was surprised that a lot of my daughter's friends wore bow ties to homecoming. A few young men showed up with the bow ties and after a frantic search on youtube...we got them tied!

    I love the photo of your Grandfather and the old car. My father owns a 1928 Ford Model A that he has been restoring. It looks similar to the one your grandfather is posing by.

    Also, have you been to Ben Silver on King Street in Charleston, SC? They have beautiful bow ties.

  16. Definitely dapper- you looked great! I guess I never thought about how to tie one of those but now that I'm imagining it I realize I wouldn't have a clue!

  17. Y'all are so handsome, darlings. xoxoxoxo

  18. You look great. My father never wore a bow tie that I can remember but remember people talking about how dapper he looked. Not every man can achieve that.

  19. Very handsome Ron. My husband wears bow ties all the time. He learned how to tie them from you tubes! Vineyard vines has some cute ones. Happy New Year. I hope to get to Commanders in the next few months.

  20. You are handsome and yes dapper. xo, Cheryl, TX

  21. You look so handsome in your ensemble! Bow ties suite you!!! Love your style!


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