Thursday, February 20, 2014

Science Fair Angst


I had to laugh at this post recently on facebook. If anything, this project should receive 1st place for creativity.

How Much Turmoil Does the Science Project Cause Families? Brilliant!

science fair Photo Susan Messina

When I started my teaching career, I was charged for years with chairing the school’s science fair. It was a huge responsibility. I heard from many parents concerning the trials and tribulations of science fair season. Mostly, I would hear from parents who were very negative to the process---“glass half full”.

Some students were dedicated. Most were not! Many students simply turned in what they had to --- bare minimum. I always appreciated the students who enjoyed the process and went above and beyond.

What are your opinions of science fairs? Projects? Do you have any good stories?


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For the love of science, y’all!


  1. Hi blue eyed Ron! :) Oh, I saw this on FB too and thought it was a hoot. I don't guess I liked science fairs as I can't remember anything I did. But my kids - my son was one of the minimalist and my daughter went all out for it. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. That is hilarious! But as a parent, I can so relate!!! I witnessed many a meltdowns, parents and students alike, in the years my girls participated. In our household and others. LOL I truly believe it depends on how their teacher approaches the project to be honest. Keep it at their level. and dad have to get involved and then the results end up being what you posted above!! I think over the years it has gotten ultra competitive, like all things in this world, and kids (and parents) are missing the meaning of the projects (to have fun and appreciate science through experiments). The one thing I can tell you is FAR worse than the Science Fair is GROUP projects. My girls HATED them. Who wants their grade jeopardized by the kid that only wants to watch tv and play video games all afternoon, and put forth zero effort?!!!

  3. This cracks me up! I definitely can relate to this. Never liked doing projects, and I cringed when my kids had to do them. Have a great day! xoxo

  4. Science Fair was the only time I ever did school work for my children. Yes, from writing the paper to doing the actual project. They did glue the materials to the board. It wasn't worth the hell that we had to go through!

  5. I have always despised Science Fairs. The parents do all the work.

  6. Science was always one of my favorite classes and although we didn't do an official science fair, I was always creating special reports for class with visual aids and charts. I remember one about seashells in particular. Science, vacation and decorating all rolled together! I was a seventh grade blogger -in-training!

  7. I hate Science Fairs as much now that I'm a parent, as I did as a kid. Hate cannot begin to describe the way I feel, lol. It's just not my cup of tea. Diorama's on the other hand...


  8. My son always did his own project and excelled at it.


  9. Oh my gosh Ron this made me laugh out LOUD!! I have 3 projects going on over here right now ...but I have to say all three of my kids enjoy doing not so much lol!

  10. Well, I hated them when my kids were young. :) My granddaughter that we lost last June won 1st place in the state when she was in middle school. She loved every aspect of it. My grandson? Not so much....but he did really well.


  11. I remember these days with our kids. I agree that most of these kinds of projects required a group effort at home. I was grateful my husband was so helpful in guiding the kids because this kind of project made me want to hide under the table! You could definitely tell which ones the "parents' did vs. the ones the kids really did.

  12. Elder Daughter won her age group in sixth grade -- how many microorganisms would grow on orange halves placed in different parts of the house? (The attic won.) my favorite was Younger Daughter's Culture Fair. She did "Black Cats and Ladders -- Superstitions in the South." Fun!

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