Thursday, March 13, 2014

Two Alligators & a Palm Tree


As soon as I hung my new Jean McKee palm oil in the stair parlor, I was perplexed. The arrangement just did not look right. Do not get me wrong as I love the trio together, but it seemed to me that the alligators atop the palm tree made little sense. But, does art placement really have to make sense? If you are me, it does.



I was also happy to have received an anonymous comment on the blog post:

“The painting is fab! If I may make a suggestion...try hanging your new one at the top. It would balance the weight and appear that the gators are under the palm. :) I really enjoy your blog and home. Thank you for all the fun laugh and "y'all's"!”

I wish I knew who wrote this comment, and I hope he/she sees that I too was unsure and not satisfied with the oil’s initial placement.


Yesterday, I finally rearranged its placement. Now, the palm hangs proudly atop the two alligators. Sense is now made.



What do you think?

Southern oils, y’all!


  1. It does look better! I had thoughts that it could have gone off to the right of the two alligators (centered in height) but this looks fab! I love how it draws the eye up and creates height.

  2. Much better. I did think it looked a little "off," but who am I to criticize you since you have such a talent for decorating! I'm glad the anonymous person made that suggestion--looks great! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. I am loving it all !!! Looks wonderful and hey SOUTHERN OIL can't go wrong my friend. HUGS and have a blessed week

  4. I have loved everything I've seen you post!:) I'll leave the critique to those who know more than I do - and that leaves the field open for many!:)

  5. Not going to argue either way, as you have impeccable taste. I love the paintings. I agree the palm has a bit more breathing room at the top since it is larger and the staircase angles at the bottom.

  6. It works much better this way. The paintings are awesome and now the arrangement is perfect!

  7. Hi was moi, Jane from San Diego. I follow you through your dear friend, the amazing Amanda, Dixie Delights. :). Your home is so intriguing and welcoming and your blog always takes me on an adventure! I am flattered that you liked my suggestion and happy the gators are enjoying their shade! Jane

  8. And, if I may borrow your tag line...."SHADY GATORS, Y'All!"

    Jane ~ SD

  9. Looks better.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  10. Loved it the first way, love it even more this way!

  11. Seeing your gators makes me think of all my Florida Gator friends who would love seeing these paintings! If you tire of the paintings hanging one above the other, why not angle the three up the stairs with the palm in the middle?


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