Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Strolling through Uptown {Octavia Street}

Along my many walks Uptown, I see many beautiful homes and yards in the neighborhood. Two neighboring homes and yards which could not be more differently decorated are my favorites along my walk.
photo 1 (25)
The first features the most gorgeous dark pink petunias.
photo 4 (17)
photo 1 (24)
photo 2 (22)
photo 3 (17)
photo 4 (17)
The second garden is a lot more formal. I adore structured boxwood bordered gardens filled with seasonal blooms.
photo 5 (17)
photo 4 (15)
photo 3 (18)
photo 5 (16)
photo 2 (23)
Both houses are picture perfect, magazine ready.
Here are a couple other yards along the way. I love the amaryllis blooms.
photo 2 (24)
photo 3 (19)
I told you I love boxwood borders filled with blooms.
photo 5 (18)
Loving the blooming jasmine and the smells Uptown.
photo 4 (18)
Love Uptown blooms, y’all!


  1. Beautiful yards and homes! I definitely need to get mine in shape after seeing these! I miss my jasmine that I had at my previous home after reading this.

  2. What lovely gardens and homes on your walk. I have petunias in my beds, too. My landscaper ;) is getting ready to add some more boxwoods to my front beds. Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Ron I can see why you enjoy your stroll along this beautiful street, both front lawns are very gorgeous ;-)


  4. Just beautiful! I love it when people really take pride in their property and plant wonderful flowers and greenery.


  5. I love all of them! Each are beautiful in different ways. Here in Maryland our evenings are still a little too cool for me. I bring in my ferns every night and am hoping my other flowers will tolerate the cold.

  6. Beautiful. Our jasmine died die to our severe winter storms. Praying it grows back.nothing. nothing. nothing.

  7. I tried to comment earlier today, but Blogger was being uncooperative.:-) I am a fan of those petunias! Your walk is definitely one with much beauty!

  8. What a rewarding stroll. Such pretty gardens, and so very different. My Amaryllis are blooming their heart out right now.. a wild mess of colours, red , red orange , cream...
    Breathing on to try and smell the jasmine :) Thanks for bringing me along.
    Hugs, Gee

  9. I really DO love those small gardens too. You can tell those people take pride in their homes since everything is so manicured. Love the old homes as well! That looks like a lovely place to take a walk.

  10. Oh my how wonderful! Those pink petunias are such a great frame to the home. That jasmine with the amaryllis is fabulous! I was able to smell some magnolias over the weekend- such a treat!

  11. I love the adorable houses there...and the fences and gates.


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