Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mad Scientist {Original Artwork}


A couple weeks a go a parent presented me with an original piece of artwork she completed for me for Teacher Appreciation Week. The artwork, in pastel and acrylics, is of a mad scientist (Is it ME?) and a few investigative students in the science lab. I knew it had to be framed.

photo (11)

The colors in the art go perfectly with the vibrant colors of the science classroom. I especially love the name tags given to the mad scientist and one of the male students, Ish which is short for her son’s name Ishmael.

photo 5 (49)

photo 1 (86)

I finally picked it up from the framer, and it is perfect. The frame is blue dyed wood and the mat is a bright lime green.

photo 4 (59)

I hung the artwork above one of the lab sinks and will be perfect for a long time to come….well, until retirement!

photo 2 (81)

photo 1 (85)

Original yet tasteful gifts are always appreciated.

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EIGHT days to geaux…

photo 2 (83)

I love this one…

photo (12)

Mad, mad scientist, y’all!


  1. What a GREAT gift - perfect for your classroom!

  2. I love the artwork! It looks great with the frame and mat! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. What a thoughtful parent. I am coordinating teacher appreciation this year, and I am trying to spread the message "No more apple coffee mugs"!

  4. That is a fantastic picture! I love it! I bet your classroom is so clean and organized too.

  5. What a great gift and perfect in the classroom. Love how you had it framed. Speaking of art work, I got my mini from JAX yesterday and I love it! Happy Birthday to me. Now of course I want more of them!! One is so lonely! Happy countdown!


  6. Great gift and so thoughtful.

  7. Love the mad scientist, so fun and creative. You framed it perfectly. I know you are so excited for summer break. Happy counting down. xo

  8. Love it. Such a thoughtful mom.

  9. Adorable. The students and parents must love you!

  10. I love it! What a great gift!

  11. What a special gift! Do you feel like the "mad scientist?" Counting those days! In our local system, high school graduations were held last week-end, and the school year is officially over this week.

  12. What a great gift!! I teach 7th and 8th grade Language Arts; I know how much that must mean to you.

  13. Well....that's one of the greatest gifts, ever. It looks great where you hung it.

  14. How cool is that! What a treasure! Mad Scientist huh? :-) love the frame you chose.

  15. Such a thoughtful gift! Perfect for you and your classroom.

  16. Looks great framed!! And if the name fits, as they say! LOL!


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