Thursday, August 14, 2014

School Daze


I can hardly believe its been since June 1 that I have set an alarm clock. Today is the day that the students join us for their first day of school. When you are reading this post, I am probably already in “school mode”.


Where oh where has the summer gone?

I’ll keep this post positive as it is one more year closer to the “R” word, retirement!

I hope that all teachers and students who are starting their new school year have a successful one.


Make it a great year or not, the choice is yours.


Back to school, y’all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! I love your pictures in this post today, but I'm wondering where the alcohol is for the teachers' back to school supplies! ;) Wishing you a great first day with your students! xoxo

  2. Welcome back to school! Yes, I've been hearing the dreaded sound of my alarm clock lately too. My son is now in 7th grade this year and had Science homework last night. They are studying how scientists learn about things through observation, making models, classifying etc. Luckily he loves Science so he should do well this year. He has a male teacher for it (for the first time) too.

  3. Here's some inspiration for you: One of my favorite teachers was my middle school science teacher. He was so fun, interesting and encouraging. After his class, my science scores were off the chart great because of his inspiration!
    Happy New Year to you and your lucky students!

  4. Have a great first day back!!! Teachers like yourself (those who are passionate about what they do, and have positive attitudes) are the ones with successful students who will remember them for a long time to come!!

  5. Your students are lucky to have you, and wow, think of all those minds that you are influencing.

  6. I agree that these students are very fortunate to have you! I hope your first day has been fun and rewarding.


  7. Teachers in our local system retuned for in-service all last week, and students began school this past Monday. "Making a difference in the life of a child...." That was always my wish. I hope this day has been a smooth one for you and the students.

  8. I hope the new school season will go smoothly and be rewarding! That picture of the school supplies for students vs teachers is too funny!


  9. Very funny cartoon. Yes, back to school for some of us. It does make you wonder where the summer went. You are a great guy and I know your students must love you. Hope the new school year is a fun one. xo

  10. Where's the liquor part of that cartoon?

  11. Best of luck for a great year Ron! As mentioned need to add alcohol to the teacher supply list! Cheers! - Shelley


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