Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Uptown Homes {NOLA}

If you follow me on instagram, you noticed that I started taking photos of Uptown homes along my daily morning walks. My neighborhood is known for its beautiful homes in all sizes, styles, and colors. New Orleans is a mixture of many styles, and the uniqueness of each makes them special.

Here are my favorites from my walks last week.

I love a great shotgun home. The doors on these two really pop.



The yard of this home is always manicured perfectly. I love the shutters and charming millwork around the porch.


I adore the style of this home, and the oyster shell wreath is an added plus.


This is a favorite of mine. I love a white-colored house. The touches of blue add to its beauty. I love the diamond window.


Do you recognize this one? Who lives here?


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Uptown abodes, y’all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! NOLA has such beautiful homes. I can tell from this post that it is safe to say that you LOVE many of the houses that you pass on your morning walks! ;) This past weekend, as we made our way to St. James Cheese Shop on Prytannia, I said that to Steve about the homes. My sister used to live on Constantinople a couple of blocks off St. Charles Avenue. I loved driving up and down the streets and looking at the lovely homes. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Does the NOLA tourism board know what they have in you? You make me want to visit your beautiful city with these charming pictures!

  3. I have been following on Instagram, and with each new post I think....ooohhh that one's my favorite. Ha, ha. They are all beautiful...especially the last one pictured!!

  4. I think I would be motivated to brave the humidity and get out and walk more if I had such pretty architecture to view along the way. I especially love a brightly painted front door!

  5. I love the photos! So many pretty homes there! I remember enjoying my walks when I lived there also. It was the first place I ever lived that had so many unusual and gorgeous homes. You do make me miss NOLA so much!

  6. Truly beautiful homes! I know I'd love to walk in that area...and wonder about the history of each home.

    So glad I can see what's going on with you & J! Still having email problems but I'm hanging in there. :)


  7. Love these homes, Ron. I think my favorite is the one with the green door.

  8. Ron I love them all. I love a small house and think the shotgun would be my style. That laser one is yours of course! Love it too...inside & out! Now is your home considered a duplex? Here in Annapolis each side would be sold seperate.

  9. There is indeed wonderful architecture in those NOLA homes!

  10. There's just so much character there that you don't find in most places. I'd have to walk...definitely not drive or I'd wreck the car while house peeping!

  11. Cute homes- nice to see your neighborhood! Love your home the most :-)

  12. So glad you shared these charming homes. It makes for a really nice walk when you have interesting architecture and beautiful gardens along the way. Savor your last days of summer, Ron.

  13. I really REALLY want that first little cutie.
    Loved seeing all these...you are blessed to have them on your neighborhood walks. :)
    OOO, what can we do to hang onto summer just a bit longer...


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