Wednesday, October 29, 2014

BOOtiful PUNny Skeletons {Halloween 2014}


Once again, the owners of the skeleton manse at the corner of St. Charles Avenue and State Street have done it again. Their skeleton display is like none other than I’ve seen anywhere.


I think the best way to view this is to grab your cup of java/tea, sit back, and chuckle.

New ones include:

An homage to the ice bucket challenge

ice bucket

Olaf from Frozen


Scarrie Underwood


and some of my faves……

610 annie born again bryan dare dead duck dog elect end of parade femur hallows kiss poets red rib room

Isn’t this the coolest display? It gets better and better each and every year. I love to walk by on my Uptown jaunts.

Do YOU have a favorite?

I know I have been MIA for about a week. I have been busy, I have a sinus infection, and I’ve been bored (lack of inspiration). Stay with me, please!

Bootiful Skeletons, y’all!


  1. From a girl who suffers with chronic sinustitus, I feel for you. Amazing yard of clever fun. I wonder if he is casting his own bones in resin... That's a lot of bones!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! What creative minds came up with all of those? Love it!

  3. What a creative and humorous display! As far as house decorations, it doesn't get much better than that. I think my favorite is Saturday Night Femur!

  4. You poor thing! Sinus infections are just the absolute worst! Okay, maybe Ebola is the worst. But a sinus infection is truly uncomfortable. Hope you are better soon.
    As for the skeleton display - dang! That takes some well planned, creative and fun people! It tickled my funny . . . bone.

  5. AMAZING! So creative. Feel better soon.

  6. Hi Ron, I was worried when you hadn't blogged for awhile, so I'm glad you've better and still in the land of the living. I had to laugh at Bryan Bat-I know how much you like him. I'll be going to Salem, watch my great nephew trick-or-treating.It's fun to see everyone in costume(mostly witches) giving out candy, and last year in the carriage house of a sea captain's mansion a pirate's band played. I've been enjoying every detail of your Halloween decorating-you have the gift, so we will never get bored. Have a spooky All Hallows Eve!!!! Kathy

  7. That is AMAZING-that display!!!! WOW!!! I love all the thought that went into it...and all the names and ideas they came up with. Hysterical!!! Wondered where you were and I am sorry that you have been battling a sinus infection. Hang in there, buddy...and we'll hang in here waiting for you to come back! xo Diana

  8. I really enjoyed that Halloween display. I can't get over how creative it all is. They really go all out. I think it's more for adults though since some of the kids wouldn't understand some of the humor. Thanks for sharing it!

  9. Oh these are the best for sure! I love each one! Sorry you caught a sinus infection...get better and perk it up!!! Hugs, Liz

  10. Oh Ron this is one of my fave posts now of yours. How cool is this yard. What a great sense of scary and whimsy!!!! So clever. I bet it is fun to walk by and look at all the fun new skeletons each year. Hope you feel better soon. Sinus infections are the worse. Sending healing wishes your way. Happy Halloween.

  11. Good morning, Ron! I'm actually a "day late and a dollar short" getting to your blog! I have been wondering where you have been--I almost texted you to see if you were OK. So glad that you are back--I sure have missed reading your blog with my morning coffee. I saw this house last Friday when we closed on the condo and pointed it out to Natalie and Steve. The owners of that house sure have topped their display again this year--so creative! I'm glad you are feeling better and are 100% soon! Have a great day! xoxo

  12. Wow...I would hate to try to pick my favorite! But I do really like Red Skeleton
    Thanks for sharing this!


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