Thursday, October 2, 2014

Remember when?


For some odd reason, this photo posted on facebook made me smile. I can definitely remember the days when Halloween costumes were plastic and highly flammable. The Halloween industry has certainly come a long way.


I remember having a plastic devil mask and costume. The mask made it so hard to see and to breath. It was so hot.

Do you remember your first costumes???

Oh! What great memories as a kid.

Halloween is coming, so get ready for my SPOOKtacular Halloween decor in days to come. I’ll be sharing lots with you and you and you….

Back when, y’all!


  1. Good morning, Ron! Wow, those costumes bring back memories! I had the Casper one and a the princess one! And, yes, they were so hot and so hard to see out of, much less breathe! ;) Looking forward to seeing your SPOOKtacular Halloween decor! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Yes!!! I remember those sweaty plastic masks with a tiny little slit for the mouth. I have to go through my old pictures now...Too funny Ron!

  3. So funny! I was Casper the ghost one year with the mask! I loved it too. My son wants to be the character from the Lego movie so I've been looking for a costume. Last night I found a mask on etsy made of felt. What's hotter than plastic? Felt! So I ordered it. It will make him stronger, right!

  4. I do remember these costumes. My Mom made most of my early costumes when I was a kid. I think Gypsy is the first one I remember!

  5. Oh gosh I sure do remember those! I couldn't stand those masks and was always pulling it up to see and breathe! I have some good memories of my trick or treating days- my older sister pulled us in a wagon when we were really young which was fun! Have a great weekend Ron!

  6. Fun posts that I remember not being able to breathe and the plastic costume was sticky.

  7. Oh, I soooo remember those! My brothers and I all had them. I remember my brother had the devil one...probably same as yours as he is only 2 years younger than you. We would go out, then come home and switch and go back around. LOL Twice the candy.

  8. Well, when I was a kid, we just dressed up without masks...then, my little kids had a few of those awful masks that they couldn't see out of...then, we ALL got smarter and nixed those and soon, much better masks were made.

  9. Yes I do remember those costumes! i also remember older, meaner kids pulling the masks and snapping them in your face! And my hair getting tangled in the elastic strap!


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