Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Voted.


I was #3 in line at my precinct this morning on my way to work.

Do not forget to exercise your American right to vote.

I voted

I voted….Did you?

Vote, y’all!


  1. On my way later today!
    My report on New Orleans is up on my blog to day! Thanks for all the wonderful tips.

  2. Good morning, Ron! I voted last week for early voting. :) Have a great day! xoxo

  3. We have early voting here, and we went last week to take advantage of that.

    Hope all is going well with you!

  4. Yup I voted! But what was wonderful for me today is my Grand Gabrielle who is 18 and lives in Florida voted for her first time ever. She was so excited to vote.

  5. Yes, I proudly exercised one of our greatest freedoms of voting!!...


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