Monday, November 17, 2014

“Seed” Installation


I first spotted these “seeds” on a wall in a Christmas show house here in NOLA a couple years ago and fell in love. Though I am not a huge fan of modern art, the installation of a grouping of “seeds” looked very elegant and very French. I was so happy to spot these at a couple of my favorite NOLA shops recently.



I have been wanting something on the wall in the stair parlor that leads to the rear of the house. This wall is difficult because the entrance is arched and the stairs are directly above. I knew that the “seeds” would be a perfect art piece for this area.



After purchasing the “seeds” from local Judy at the Rink (Thanks, Kay!)last week, I finally had the time to install the “seeds”. I chose an “organic” arrangement rather than a symmetrical one. My mind usually works with symmetry but with the placement of the chandelier and the view, I felt an asymmetrical arrangement would be best. Each “seed” screws into the wall quite easily.


I love the way the “seeds” display turned out.


stair parlor

stair parlor2

The “seeds” are gold-leafed on the inside which gives a great glow at night.




They are called “seeds” from the vendor. They look more like cracked eggs to me. They are available in several colors.

Seeds” are called Wall Play and are by Gold Leaf Design.

The “seeds” give an elegant and modern look to my classic decor.

“Seeds”, y’all!


  1. What a novel idea! I like the glow of the gold-leaf.

  2. So unique and perfect for your lovely home!

  3. Ron, I saw these "things" at that great gift shop off Metairie Road (near the railroad tracks and Nursery Avenue; can't remember the name but know you know) last week. I had to ask what they were as I had NO IDEA. Couldn't imagine what an installation would look like, but this looks amazing.

  4. Well how neat! I've never seen or even heard of those before! I agree that do look like cracked eggs. I love the look of them going up the wall over your arched opening. They make a statement.

  5. Ron, they are so pretty and I love the glow at night! What an interesting display. Great choice for that space.

  6. Such a fun way to decorate and great impact too! I think you may have just started a trend!

  7. These look fantastic, Ron! Love the way you arranged have an amazing eye.

  8. How beautiful!! Love it.....


  9. Beautiful! I love the organic feel of them. They work so well in your space. I was so curious from your Instagram post. I could not figure out what they were. I knew I liked them but just didn't know what they were.

  10. Love! Yes, look more like egg shells to me too but beautiful nonetheless. I love the arrangement! Fills the space nicely, and I love the reflection the gold gives off as the chandelier light hits it.

  11. Good evening, Ron! I'm late today because.....we moved Natalie to the condo in the Garden District! I missed your weekend posts because I was busy helping her pack. So, I love your Thanksgiving decor, as usual. Love the "seeds" and how they reflect off the light of the chandelier. You always find the neatest things for your home. When we get back from our vacation in Charleston Thanksgiving week, I'm definitely going to spend the night at the condo, and we can come by and have drinks or you and J can come by for drinks, and you can give Natalie some decorating tips! Have a great evening! Cheers! xoxo

  12. Hi Ron,
    These are so cool looking and pretty. Very unique idea.

  13. Those look great! Especially at night. Love where you installed them.

  14. Wow Ron what a fun look! Great job on installing them. Love how the gold glows!

  15. Very cool! I love it. Just the perfect touch of modern to add to a traditional home. I think I need some of those, but don't know if I could get them arranged as well as you did.


  16. Ron! I love these. They are perfect in that space. You really have an "eye" for design.
    Mercedes Waxman

  17. O, these look amazing. Never seen anything quite like them...looks like they were made for your wall.
    I love that your comments are numbered...I need to do that, too.
    Have a great day...

  18. How lovely! I'm amazed that such a small thing individually, can collectively look so grand! It's just perfect there! ;)

  19. Very unique and elegant! I love the way they glow at night and the way you have them displayed.

  20. Love this look, Ron. Mary Boquet


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