Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blessing John David.


Earlier today, J & I drove to my hometown of Thibodaux to attend the christening of my #2 godson, John David.


Fr. Dean and John

It is always great to visit the church and school that molded me for 7 years many years ago, St. Genevieve School. Walking into the church brought back many great memories of school masses, benedictions, school plays, and awards days. My niece Lucy is in 1st grade there now and shares some of the same songs and memories as I did over 40 years ago. Even Fr. Dean, the priest while I was in lower school, is back in St. Genevieve parish.





Fr. Dean and gang


parents and godparents

with Charlie

with Fr. Dean

with Fr. Dean2

John David did great today as he was welcomed into the church. I am so proud to have shared this moment with JD and my family. Blessing to his mom and dad, sister, and godmother Melissa.

John David, y’all!


  1. . John David is adorable. God bless and keep him. Thank you for sharing this special time for your family.

  2. What a beautiful baby! Congratulations on being a godfather for the second time.

  3. Sweet! So glad you could be there to share in this moment.

  4. Good morning, Ron! John David is precious and is so lucky to have you and Melissa as his godparents! And Lucy is such an adorable big sister. So happy that you playing such an important role in John David's life! Have a great day! xoxo

  5. Such precious and special moments. Beautiful pictures.

  6. Bless little John David! I gasped when I saw the priest only because he reminded me of the priest we were to be married by back in 1978. Long story... tell you privately if you want to know!!

  7. What a beautiful day indeed! He is just precious.


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