Friday, February 20, 2015

Parlor Wall Changes


You know how this happens when you change or add one thing, and it spirals to changes in other things. One thing leads to another….again!

parlor wall2

Recently after adding the custom art piece by Lisa Papa, I felt that the room needed only original art. We purchased the Carol Hallock canvas for Christmas, I added the bead fence canvas for Jeff’s birthday, so I figured the other side of the mantle needed original art too.

I moved three of the Southern bird oils from the den to the wall on the right side of the mantle. I feel that the original art fits beautifully in the parlor.

parlor wall4

bird oils

bird oils2

I love buying original art and displaying it well in my home.

lisa papa6 good

Carol Hallock2

Wall Changes, y’all!


  1. Beautiful Ron. Love the vignette you did with the paintings. Looks great. Happy Friday and have a wonderful week end.

  2. Good morning, Ron! Wow, I just love how you changed up the walls on each side of the mantle! That Carol Hallock canvas is gorgeous, and I always have adored the Southern bird oils. Hope to see all of these changes in person soon! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Love the arrangement. Love all of your original pieces - especially the fence one.


  4. You have the prettiest artwork! I love the lighting used over the pictures too. Me and my sister are down in Tybee Island right now and visited a store in St. Simons Island that had some oyster shell décor that you would've liked.

  5. It all looks beautiful! Are those turtle shells over the bid pictures? Love it!!

    1. Pinky, yes! The Turtle shells are my fave. Thanks for commenting:)

  6. Everything looks so pretty. I love all of your art.

  7. I see a lot of lovely decorating on a wide variety of blogs, and, while I do like a lot of what I see, not everything speaks to me the way in which this room does. This room made me feel welcome and immediately comfortable. Beautiful and homey...not as easy to put together as one might think.

  8. I love original art. Your paintings are gorgeous and perfect for your neck of the woods.


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