Monday, March 16, 2015

Feathers, Nests, and Eggs


The weather here in New Orleans has been warm, and the sun is shining yet again after a week of clouds and rain.

I am getting antsy to start adding spring-ish decor to my home. My home does not lend itself to many pastels of spring, so instead I like to add natural elements to much of my decor.

Recently, I headed down Magazine Street to AKA Stella Gray for some inspiration and retail therapy. The shop has the greatest vignettes of natural elements. Their displays are breathtaking. I will be back to share more from this Magazine Street gem.

During my retail therapy, I purchased various nests, feathers, and eggs to be used in glass cloches and display boxes.


On my parlor side table, I created an arrangement of fancy feathers, a nest, robin’s eggs, and vintage egg prints which I rolled up for the display.




On the coffee table (bench), the glass box holds a nest filled with straw and papier mache’ speckled eggs. Small feathers add to the natural touch.



I even added a bunch of smaller feathers to a biscuit barrel on the den coffee table. It looks great next to my collection of turtle shells.



shells feathers

Pheasant feathers in the dining room continues the theme of the season.


Natural Spring, y’all!


  1. Ron,
    Looooove! Your nest are just so unique and gorgeous. Love all the feathers. You have the best treasures to display your nest and feather in. Soooo beautiful. Loved seeing this post today.
    Have a great start to the new week Ron.

  2. Ron that is the perfect spring touch without being theemy, I love the glass box with the nest on top of the bench/coffee table...

  3. Good afternoon, Ron! I absolutely love your natural Spring decor--so unique and classy! I'm not into the pastels of Easter/Spring, either. Have a great afternoon and evening! xoxo

  4. I love all of the natural items you found and how you're using them under glass. I prefer the natural look over the pastel kinds too.

  5. Beautiful job Ron! The nests and eggs remind us of re-birth. Love the use of the glass displays.

  6. I think it's a perfect choice Ron! It looks very Polo house.....elegant and rich looking!

  7. Love using feathers and your vignettes are fabulous.


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