Monday, April 27, 2015

April Showers


If April showers bring may flowers, we will have some gorgeous blooms this year.


Holy Moly! Take a look at the current radar for Southeast Louisiana:


We also saw heavy rains and winds this past Friday and Saturday. Rain, rain, please go away soon.


Stay safe out there.

Update: It seems as if the worst is over, but I have been seeing photos on social media that others have not fared so well. Supposedly several tornadoes touched down in Southeastern Louisiana including my hometown of Thibodaux.


tree down



train down

The last photo is a picture taken of train cars atop the Huey P. Long bridge that were knocked off the tracks due to the wind. WOW!

Here in NOLA, a tornado drill was called here at 10:35. We sat hunkered down in the hall until 11:00 AM. It seems as if the worst has passed us.

Please PRAY for all those affected by the severe storms.

April showers, y’all!


  1. Oh Ron I saw on the news up here in Chicago your state was really getting battered. Glad to hear you are safe and the kids were safe at school. Sending good wishes for Sun filled days to follow those storms. Stay safe.

  2. Wow, Ron, it seems that you guys got the same storm that we had last night! The winds were no joke. There were reports of a tornado on the other side of town. Glad you guys are ok!

  3. Very scary...I hope the worst is over for you guys! Stay safe!!

  4. Storms are so scary. Glad you're safe.

  5. Stay safe, Ron! Yes, we should have some lovely flowers in May!

  6. It's crazy the weather you had yesterday. That train falling off the tracks is quite a shock to see! We could use some rain up here- it's been a bit dry. I hope it settles down for you guys- stay safe.

  7. Yes, the rain brings lovely blooms. BUT...I hate the storms it brings as well. Praying for all effected.


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