Tuesday, May 5, 2015

See ya later, Alligator!


I was so sorry to hear recently that the 2nd location of Hazelnut, one of my fave Magazine Street shops, was closing in Mandeville (across Lake Ponchartrain). I am told that they just could not survive due to the major road construction that had taken place over the past couple of years right in front of their store.

I decided to take advantage of their recent sale. It was huge. I promptly contacted my friends at Hazelnut and checked availability of some of my favorite things. I was lucky to score several things I have “wanted” for a while.



I picked up my loot at the Hazelnut on Magazine Street today, and it felt like Christmas Day when I opened each one.

Vagabond House alligator pitcher



Vagabond House mugs



Vagabond House bottle opener

bottle opener

bottle opener2

Alison Evans razor clam shell tray

vagabond goods

The Vagabond House alligator goods are now displayed on the French Baker’s shelves in the dining room. What is more Southern than the alligator? I just love my new finds.

Vagabond House: click HERE

Hazelnut New Orleans: click HERE





Hazelnut, y’all!


  1. Good morning and Happy Cinco de Mayo, Ron! I nearly had a heart attack when I started reading this morning's blog. I thought Hazlenut on Magazine was closing! I have a gift card from Christmas that I haven't used yet. Love your Vagabond House alligator drink ware and the Alison Evans tray. I expect that you will whip up a batch of margaritas tonight in that pitcher to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Well I have never seen ANYTHING like that alligator pitcher before!! that is way cool!! Good find!

  3. So sorry to hear about Hazlenut. Glad the Magazine St. location is still there. I can't bear to have anything "Gator" in my house, since I'm a Seminole! But in NOLA, there's definitely a different meaning to the scaled beast, and I have to admit, your goodies are amazing!

  4. Wow, you do find the most amazing items to decorate with. The pitcher and glasses look awesome on the bakers rack. Love that tray. Enjoy and glad the Magazine St. location is still going strong.


  5. I have a gator ice bucket like yours...my son just graduated from UF (Gators) and so did my husband. We love your gator decor.

  6. Oh that's too bad they are closing. I have picked up so many things from stores that had to close and while I loved getting the deals I knew it was bittersweet since they wouldn't be there any longer.
    You found some real gems! Love the alligator pitcher, mugs and the clam tray!!
    Cheers to Cinco de Mayo- I'Il have a margarita in honor of you tonight!

  7. LOVE your new goodies...sorry to hear the store is closing! Looks like they had so many pretty things!

  8. I would have been hyperventilating at a sale like that! How could you contain yourself from not cleaning out the store? I love the all your alligator purchases & the clam shell tray is beautiful. Have a wonderful & festive Cinco de Mayo!

  9. So sad that road construction has contributed to the closing of this business! It appears to have some of your favorite things!

  10. Those are so cool! I've never seen anything like them. They're masculine and classy.

  11. What a shame! I can imagine years of road construction would cause problems-very sad. Love the alligators! Ben's school mascot is an alligator!


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