Thursday, June 25, 2015

Curiosities {Summer 2015}

I have always enjoyed collecting natural and vintage elements for my vignettes for a while. I feel that the textures and colors add to the overall effect of any display.

Every time I walk next to the table at the bottom of the stairs, I smile. I love the collected look of the items on the table. From the vintage leather-bound books to the silvered trophy cups, the vignette captures my love of bringing some soul to the space.

I recently found these quills while browsing the gorgeous Dunn & Sonnier shop on the corner of Magazine & Jackson Streets. 

The vintage darts were purchased a few months ago from another Magazine Street fave, AKA Stella Gray

Along with a collection of feathers, these finds look perfect in my trophy cups.

The cloche featuring bits of sea fan is from another Magazine Street fave, Pavement.

I always find that vignettes tend to work better with vintage or natural finds.

Magazine Street Faves:

Dunn & Sonnier

AKA Stella Gray


Curiosities, y'all!


  1. Lovely vignette Ron. Love all the different textures. You have so many fabulous shops in NOLA.

  2. I could spend hours looking at your collectibles Ron! Everything looks sooo interesting and you seem to have the perfect touch in displaying such fun items!

  3. so wonderful, Ron, I really love those fabulous silver trophies!

  4. Love the collection, Ron. I have a plumed quill that my hubby's grandmother actually used for writing. It is a real treasure. Love the cloche with the bit of sea fan in it. xo Diana

  5. Ron, like you, I like a vignetted with a collected look as well as natural elements. Textures are pleasing to the eye and the touch. '-)
    Happy Weekend!

  6. Found your blog a few months ago. Look forward to every new post. We were in NOLA last summer twice and loved everything there. Plan on returning in Dec of this year. We went in all of the stores you showed today and loved each one. My favorite place was in the french quarter and was a place that had old doors old salvage pieces wanted it all. My suitcase was to small. Always love your pics. Thanks Kris

  7. Good morning, Ron! What great finds for the vingnette on the table by the stairs.You always find the neatest curiosities for your vignettes. Have a great day! xoxo

  8. Looks great Ron The quills add a nice eye catching accent! I especially like that sea fan under the glass. The vintage darts are classic!

  9. Your vignette looks amazing! Love the trophies and my, oh my...the oyster painting is gorgeous!


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