Friday, June 26, 2015

Gilded Clam Shell

It was over a year ago that I added painting the inside of my large clam shell that resides at the base of the mantle in the parlor to my summer to-do list. Somehow I just never got around to it all last summer. Hmmmmm?

Fast forward a whole year and voila! I finally painted the inside of the shell a golden shade.

I found the paint, Liquid Leaf, at my local Ace Hardware.

I taped the edges and went to town painting the shell's inside. I love the golden glow of the painted shell.

I added some sea glass and bleached starfish to the shell, and I think it looks great at the base of the parlor mantle.

Gilded shell, y'all!


  1. That looks so rich and elegant now! I love the white starfish contrasting against the gold paint color.

  2. Ron this turned out simply stunning and I bet it looks even better in person, don't be surprised if you see this technique over at rowhouse one of this days.....

  3. Ron this is stunning. Love the gold leafing to the shell. Those white starfish just pop. Happy Friday and Happy Week end.

  4. That looks excellent Ron! It looks striking with the sea glass and starfish. I'm sure you'll use it in many different ways!

  5. The gold leafing on the shell looks beautiful

  6. Looks really great with the new colour.

  7. Good morning, Ron! You finally did it, and it looks great! Love the contrast of the gold leaf with the starfish and sea glass. Have a great day! xoxo

  8. Fantastic job, Ron! Looks great how you have it placed!

  9. Great idea and the shell looks beautiful. I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation.

  10. Ron, a little gold leaf is a good thing. Your clam shell looks amazing. I like the way you filled it with the star fish and sea glass.

  11. Gorgeous...such great beach glam!!!...Great idea!

  12. Good idea and it looks beautiful! I have a large shell like yours but it is FILLED with shells so you can't see the inside. I have been collecting shells for 30 years or more! Where did you get your shell???

    1. Hi Pinky. This shell is actually a reproduction from Ballard Designs.

  13. I love it Ron! My clamshell from Wisteria came with a slight crack. Doing this would hide it.


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