Saturday, June 20, 2015

Let's Do Lunch

I love my teaching job especially in the summer. It gives me and other teachers the opportunity to "do lunch" in the normal way without the kiddos.

Such is the case this past week. I was able to do lunch with co-workers and friends on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, a few co-workers met at an Uptown fave, Clancy's. 

On Friday, J & I celebrated with my co-worker and BFF Paige at Galatoire's, one of the most entertaining places to dine for lunch on Fridays. We were joined by her hubby Joe and a couple of her close friends. Happy 33rd, Paige!

If you have not been to Galatoire's for lunch on a Friday, put it on your bucket list now. You will never be disappointed.

It is always a great opportunity to catch up with friends to see what's been going on with them during the summer. It's also nice getting out of my swim suit and looking dapper for a change of summer pace.

Pocket Square NOLA Couture

Doing Lunch, y'all!


  1. Ron you are looking very dapper! Glad you are enjoying your summer break.

  2. Do you shun ugly people, or is it just by chance everyone you know is gorgeous? Happy summer to you and your teacher friends . . . you deserve a long, happy lunch!

  3. Good morning, Ron! You sure do "clean up" well in that seersucker jacket and green pants--so dapper. I have never been to Galatoire's for Friday lunch--will have to put it on my bucket list! Have a great day! xoxo

  4. Looks like tons of fun and you look fabulous.

  5. Ron, you always look so dapper! Looks like fun times with friends. I can very much relate to "doing" lunch with teacher friends. Once I retired, I made lunch dates almost every day of the week. Still do a lot of lunch dates. ;-)
    Those outside the classroom don't realize how special it is to have lunch with other adults, especially when you work with six year olds. Ha!

  6. Love the seersucker sport coat! Sounds like a fabulous outing with friends. Sorry been a bit MIA, our oldest was in a horrific car accident on 75 last Saturday (she is fine, but her Hummer totaled) and then dad has his cardio version on Friday morning...back to beating normal! And, then we celebrated Katie's graduation finally yesterday, and I took not ONE picture.

  7. You certainly do look dapper, Ron. It is fun to get dressed up and enjoy a special lunch with friends!
    I so enjoyed all of your fun photos.
    Mary Alice

  8. My goodness! You really look nice all dressed up. That looked like a great gathering for some good food. If I ever get to travel to New Orleans, I'll put that on my list to visit!


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