Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bainbridge Island {Seattle: Day 4}

Yesterday, J & I embarked a ferry to Bainbridge Island as suggested to us by Ted Kennedy Watson. Bainbridge Island is located just 35 minutes from Seattle by ferry. Its population is approximately 23,000.

The island is peaceful, lush, and quaint. Shops and restaurants dot the main streets of the island.

With suggestions in hand, we ate at Restaurant Marche' located on Madrone Lane.

Greg Atkinson's contemporary Pacific Northwest Bistro is open for lunch and dinner.
Situated near the Bainbridge Island Farmers’ Market in downtown Winslow, the restaurant is a 
nod to “Cuisine du Marché,” a style of cooking that relies on fresh, local ingredients 
from the market to inform the daily menu.

The food and drink were delicious.

We walked the island and visited several shops along its streets. 

Our fave was Salt House Mercantile, a retail store on Bainbridge's 
Winslow Way...a quick walk from the ferry. It is open daily 10-6 Mon through Sat, 11-5 on Sunday.

Bainbridge Island is another must-see on your Seattle excursion.

Bainbridge Island, y'all!


  1. Very nice! A perfect way to spend a day!

  2. Oh oh oh !!!! I love the shop with the garden hats hanging. I have a little addiction to garden and summer hats so that looks like a sweet shop! Love that old vintage sign how cool is that. Glad you are enjoying your summer vacation.

  3. What a great looking trip you're on right now! I believe I would love that store, Saltwater Mercantile, too! Thanks for sharing and taking us along with you.

  4. Oh, Ron! These are great and fun pictures. I wish I could visit Bainbridge Island--I know it had to be a nice stop on your trip. And the shopping at the Salt House Mercantile-boy, I know I would love a trip to that store!!!


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