Thursday, July 2, 2015

Iotrochota birotulata

Can anyone tell me what the title of today's blog refers to???

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Iotrochota birotulata is a species of demosponge in the phylum Porifera. It is found in shallow waters in the Caribbean Sea. It is commonly referred to as "finger sponge".

I picked up a couple bunches of this interesting sponge at local fave, AKA Stella Gray this week. I added each to the apothecary jars in the niches between the parlor and stair parlor. I adore the height each finger sponge gives to the arrangement. Bleached white starfish fill the base.

The finger sponge add uniqueness to my nautical curiosity collections.

Finger sponges, y'all!


  1. Love the look, but I thought you were 'talking dirty' to us! :)

  2. I have finger sponge, and now I know what to call it! Thanks, Mr. Science Teacher!

  3. These are cool Ron. Looks great. Happy 4th.

  4. Good morning, Ron! I didn't know what Iotrochota birotulata was, but knowing the science teacher in you, I figured it had to be some kind of plant or something like that! That is a really cool looking sponge. I would have just walked by those in a store and not even given them a second glance, but with your eye for natural elements, I'm not surprised that they caught your eye! They look great in the apothecary jars with the bleached starfish. Have a great day! xoxo

  5. Love it. Perfect Ron. And, I love it tucked in beside the column.
    PS Thanks for the science lesson.

  6. Interesting. I had no idea. Looks so pretty.

  7. Well, didn't you just go all "Mr. Bill Nye the Science Guy" on us! LOL Love the look.


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