Monday, August 17, 2015

APPmazing Science Classroom {My Science Classroom 2015-2016}

Yep! Another school year is underway and time to share my science classroom.

I always enjoy a theme as it helps set the tone for the year. This year, my theme involves instagram as in "APPmazing Year".

Welcome Back!

          The main bulletin board features several photos of students performing lab activities. Each student in earth, physical, and life science is written on 3 x 3" stickers ordered on instagram.

          Photos of students and hashtags show the budding scientists in action.

          Students were given paper models of iPhone instagram screens where each wrote down one topic interesting to them.

          I use this board to post upcoming and pertinent news throughout the year.

           My homeroom students await the entrance.

You get the idea. Right?

I will share more throughout the year as the theme is employed through activities.

I love this instagram poster I ordered through etsy.

An APPmazing year, y'all!


  1. Happy New School Year Ron. You touch so many young lives and your room is awesome. Thanks for being the fantastic teacher, mentor and role model you are. Good luck in the coming year.

  2. Ron - your classroom is terrific! Love-love-love it!!!!

  3. Good morning, Ron! I've been waiting to see how you decorated your classroom this year, and you did not disappoint me! I love the theme--it is so clever and so you! I bet your classroom is the envy of all the other teachers at St. Paul's. ;) Have a great day! xoxo

  4. I might have enjoyed science more if I had a teacher like you! Your room looks fun and engaging. I can see that your creativity flows into the classroom too!

  5. Wow, impressive and fun room/ You make science fun!

  6. No question your students will have an amazing year with their science teacher. Clever theme, Ron. You room looks stimulating and inviting. Lucky students who get to spend time in your classroom learning.

  7. You've certainly done a great job making your classroom exciting and interesting. Linking things to Instagram probably relates well with your students too. My son just started physical science for the first time this year. Science is one of his favorite subjects, so I hope that he does well. It's different from the other types of Science that he's done in the past. So, time will tell.

  8. This is "app"solutely wonderful!!! Very clever indeed because now, you can blog and it looks like you are really working on your science Instagram! #cleverblogger #kidsloveyou #coolteacher

  9. Wonderful and creative, I love it!!

  10. You sure know how to rock a classroom!! Love it.


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