Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My New "Kids"...Introducing Proton and Electron

Nah! J & I did not get some crazy wild idea and adopt, but I did add two new friends to my science classroom. Meet Proton and Electron, my newest class goldfish.

Those of you who know me well realize I am not wild about pets because of the mess, but I tend to handle goldfish pretty well.

Last year, a school parent gifted the science lab with an aquarium, so I decided to bite the bullet and add a couple pets to the science lab. The students love them.

I thought the names Proton and Electron were perfect as suggested by one of my brightest students. Proton has the whiter tail, and Electron has a more orange tail. The students know them apart better that I do presently.

Proton is on the right; Electron is on the left.

I just hope Proton and Electron make it through the school year.

Proton and Electron, y'all!


  1. Cute and yes I hope they make it. Goldfish are not known for their longevity!

  2. how fun....so cute for your class room and I adore the names. You are a very fun teacher, I'll bet...and also bet your students love you.

  3. Good morning, Ron! Such clever names for you new "kids"! I'm sure your students are getting a kick out of the goldfish in the classroom. Good luck with keeping them alive! Have a great day! xoxo

  4. Loooove this Ron!!!! Super cute and what a great way to engage the kids in your classroom.

  5. I think you named those gold fish very appropriately! i bet you'll have good luck with gold fish since I hear they're pretty hearty. I remember a friend of mine having a gold fish at her house and it grew to be quite large. She then tired of the tank and wanted to take it down but she had to wait for her fish to die. It almost never did! Good luck. How will you feed them over the weekend and school break?

  6. Love it! And, perfect for a science classroom.


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