Monday, September 28, 2015

It Ain't Always Pretty

For over two weeks, the master bedroom has looked like this...

A simple ceiling sheet rock crack led to all of this, and the repainting of the entire bedroom. The room is large and the ceilings are very high (over 20 feet), so it ain't an easy job for the contractors.

Scaffolding on wheels made it easier for all involved. The scaffolding was removed today.

I cannot wait for the dust and debris to be gone. 

It ain't all pretty, y'all!


  1. Good luck with the rest of the work being done on your bedroom. I didn't realize you had such high ceilings in there. i bet you will be happy to sleep in your own bed again when it's all done.

  2. Good morning, Ron! Looks like a simple crack turned into a major expense. :( I'm sure, though, that when the painting is complete, your bedroom will be even more beautiful than ever. Hope the contractors finish soon so that you can move back in and sleep in your bed again. Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Wow Ron- what a big project! Scaffolding and 20 ft. ceiling height? Not a project one wants to tackle very often!

  4. Oh my word, what a mess. I am sure you will really appreciate having it clean. Love this room and the size, plus those high ceilings are amazing.

  5. While I love our tall ceilings, they are such a pain when in need of paint or repairs...and hubby despises having to change the bulbs in the can lights!!! I know you will work your magic and it will be beautiful in no time!!

  6. Oh, my! This sounds like a real problem! Hopefully the workers have successfully repaired that crack and will soon have that room back to normal!

  7. Hi Ron! Oh, my! Those are some tall ceilings! I'm sure it will look lovely when it's done. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I feel your pain. I've been remodeling my kitchen since July 29. It should finally be finished today (well except for the fact that I haven't picked out hardware...) and living with stuff displaced everywhere is driving me insane! no room is more important to me than my kitchen (much more action and heat there) but I might feel differently if I couldn't sleep in my own bed! Good luck!


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