Friday, September 11, 2015

My Favorite Teacher(s)...

I was always an above-average student who loved learning. I had many great teachers. From my days at St. Genevieve Elementary, I remember Mrs. Gina Bonvillain (deceased), Mrs. Ceal Harrist (3rd grade), and Ms. Karen Wilson (5th grade). From high school, most of my science teachers stand out from the rest--- Mrs. Brenda Parro (physical science), Mrs. Myra Luft (Biology), and Mrs. Jeanette Labat (Chemistry and Honors Physics). Science was always my favorite subject, and I gravitated to those subjects more. 

Though not my fortay, I enjoyed English under Mrs. Ellie Toups and Ginger Gaubert. Mr. Gary Phillips for American History and Mr. Joe Casse for Religion were also some of my faves.

I was lucky to have had such a great foundation influenced by so many. I guess each in their own way influenced my career as a teacher.

Your turn.....

Favorite teachers, y'all!


  1. Now why does this not surprise me?! Of course you would be a good student. Afterall, you now teach school! I guess I liked my 3d grade teacher the best. She was very engaging with everyone and I enjoyed that grade. We learned cursive writing for the first time and our times tables. I hear that schools aren't even teaching cursive writing anymore!

  2. Dr. Little and Dr. Middleton, while science was not my fortay, I came to love it because of them!

  3. You may be right about English. The word is "forte" and should be pronounce Fort.
    Most people say fortay which is incorrect. Just google it.
    I would love to live in New Orleans next door to you and be one of your friends.
    You are the nicest guy.

  4. I had a few teachers who made an impression on me. Miss Wilson (art), Mrs Mowat (3rd grade) who dressed so 70's bell bottoms, big beads and headbands! Also Mr. Thoreaux (Science) who I was convinced hated me because he was strict and called me by my last name, Ray. At the end of the year he signed my autograph book and wrote that I was one of his favorite students and wished my parents had more children so he could have a Ray every year! I was shocked.

  5. Good morning, Ron! I am honored and humbled to be included on your list! By the way, you were an exceptional English student--remember that essay that you wrote about the white lab coat in your future? ;) I guess my favorite teachers would include my first grade teacher, Sr. Michael (Who didn't love their first grade teacher?), my second grade teacher, Mrs. Doris Robichaux, Mrs.Lorraine Watkins, who taught me Geometry, Algebra II, & Advanced Math/Trigonometry in high school (Can you believe I actually enjoyed math?), my sophomore English teacher, Bobby Marcello, and Mrs. Marie Louise Harang, my senior English teacher, who instilled my love of British Literature. In college, Margeurite Gray, Anita Tully, Al Cowan, and Dr. Fletcher--all English teachers! I can't leave off Jim Barnidge! Have a great day! xoxo

  6. Wow, there are a number of teachers that have impacted my life in an amazing way! However, I would have to say thus far my all time favorite teachers have been Mrs. Bradford, Mrs. Graves, Mrs. Webb, and Mr. Danner. I have "taken" them with me each day as I enter into my own classroom for the past twenty-four years. One of my prayers is that as I encourage, support, and help to educate my students; that they will feel the appreciation that I have for them. This is the way that I felt when I was blessed to have had those amazing teachers. I love that you chose this topic, and my wish for you is that your school year is a wonderful one!


  7. Love this!!! Miss Cutler, my second grade teacher was my very favorite. She possessed such patience and kindness. In high school Mr. Screes, French, who I was fortunate enough to have for two years, and Mrs. Ellis, government. As an adult, I have two, Miss Pulley and Ms. Kendrick, who I have the honor and pleasure of working with as they impact generations of our future leaders. I've been so lucky.


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