Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanks for Giving {Glittered Gourds}

I love my collection of glittered gourds.

This Fall, I added them to the terrarium purchased last summer at AKA Stella Gray on Magazine Street. The glittered gourds are from The Plant Gallery. The terrarium sits atop the sofa table in the den.

I love the way the gourds sparkle and shine in the sunlight through the windows overlooking the courtyard.

Glittered Gourds, y'all!


  1. Those are neat Ron. I like how you arranged them. I love that terrarium.

  2. Beautiful. And they'll taste great fried!

  3. I really like your glittered gourds....we all love BLING any way we can get it. LOL
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. Perfect display! I have some glittered pumpkins that I enjoy!

  5. THOSE are great! Believe it or not- I have not seen those anywhere. Pumpkins yes but not gourds. Love them. xo Diana

  6. Good morning, Ron! Love those glittered gourds, and they look great in the terrarium. I have never seen glittered gourds--great addition to your Thanksgiving decor. Have a great day! xoxo


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