Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thanks for November

On Sunday, I spent the rainy afternoon removing my Halloween decor. 

A couple bins of Fall decor came down from the attic, and all is set for the month of November.

In the stair parlor, my antler arrangement was transformed with acorns, oak leaves, bittersweet, pheasant feathers, and pheasants. 

I can hardly believe that it is November and that Thanksgiving is upon us all. 

I hope you will enjoy my November posts.

Thanks for Giving, y'all.


  1. Ron,
    Loooove the vignette. Beautiful as always. Happy New Week.

  2. I love the arrangement you made for your round table! It has finally stopped raining here but is gray and cloudy now. Looks like it will be a few more days before we see the sun.

  3. Beautiful fall details in your home, Ron. Happy November!

  4. OH- It's as gorgeous as always, Ron. I can't believe that November is her already either. Where the heck has Fall gone? Looking forward to all your November posts- xo Diana

  5. Good evening, Ron! I'm with you about Thanksgiving being right around the corner. Do you realize that we only have 8 weekends until Christmas? Jeez Louise! Love your Fall vingette on the stair parlor table and am looking forward to seeing more of your Fall posts! Cheers! xoxo

  6. That looks wonderful Ron! I like the branches and pheasants. I took down all Halloween on Sunday too!

  7. Your fall decor is beautiful!!!! The centerpiece on the round table is stunning.

  8. Your vignette feels like fall! I love the bittersweet!


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