Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas in New York

Last Thursday, J and I flew to New York City for a long weekend. I have never been to NYC during the Christmas season, and the City did not disappoint.

We stayed at the fabulous and luxurious Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue. It was decorated in gold magnolia leaves and white lights. I must say it was elegant and stunning in person.

We walked along 5th Avenue. For a guy who has always loved decorating, NYC is the mecca of holiday finery. Each and every hotel and shop is decked out in its seasonal splendor. One hotel/storefront is nicer than the next.

The St. Regis.

The Peninsula.

Harry Winston.

The Plaza.

Bergdorf Goodman.



Saks Fifth Avenue.



Trump Tower.

As the Pointer Sisters sing, there's nothing like "Christmas in New York". Yes! I agree.

More to come...

New York in December, y'all!


  1. Me too Ron and I will be going there for Christmas with my family! Woohooo! I must not miss all these sights you shared here, thanks!

  2. Wow, so beautiful. I love all the fabulous decor. Definitely our of this world.

  3. You have just done something I long to do -- now if I could only get the husband in gear. Thanks for sharing. It is gorgeous.

  4. I LOVED seeing all this as we didn't get to go to 5th Ave. last year. This is FABULOUS!!!! Next year maybe we will go up just to see the stores!!!


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